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  1. stormense

    [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    Ops, find this in other forum an if I download a file and save it in a specific directory the directory is first with the -P flag. wget -P /mnt/user/appdata/tvheadend/data/ webblink/epg/guide-sweden.xml.gz
  2. stormense

    [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    Want to use CA to download a gz file, extract it to TVheadend and change name. I try this Linux command but it fail: The first string execute this error: wget webblink /mnt/user/appdata/tvheadend/data/: Scheme missing.
  3. Works well on linuxservers docker, tank You. for taking time to answer. Webgrabplus was easy to manage.
  4. I-m stupide! I don't now how to learn webgrabber++ to download the xml.gz I get from a url from my provider. This don't help:
  5. stormense

    My biggest Share is gone after reboot

    Don't now if you can run a plugin and all is gone on OMV too? If you think I'm stupid I'm certainly is stupide
  6. stormense

    [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    Maybe the username and password to web UI here? admin rutorrent
  7. stormense

    My biggest Share is gone after reboot

    Yes, now migrated to Openmediavault on my server now when all my files is gone. I move the stick with Unraid to my second server with a old AMD A-Series A4-5300 3,4GHz Socket FM2 because I want to keep my Virtual Ubuntu Server (hade it outside the array on a ssd) and two docker I cant run in Openmediavault. Happy to have the use of my old AMD system again. Cost me $ 150 for many ears ago when RAM was cheap.
  8. stormense

    System notifications bar

    Easy to get rid off: Use UblockOrigin
  9. stormense

    My biggest Share is gone after reboot

    Therefor I leave, I'm the user how cant handle Unraid after 3 yer.
  10. stormense

    My biggest Share is gone after reboot

    UFS Explorer RAID Recovery €129.95 för files over 785 kb. No tanks, I think I begin from scratch and go back to Ubuntu Server. I do not like to lost data when all disks is okay. Unraid is better on VM:s but not as a storage device you cant trust.
  11. stormense

    My biggest Share is gone after reboot

    Yes I think you right but can't figure out waht I made wrong. For one year ago Unraid random crash and I lost som folders and now this. I think I'm done with Unraid and going back to Ubuntu server. Never struggle in the 3 year I have it but Unraid is more fun. Ubuntu Server is more boring. Sorry for my ugly english
  12. My biggest Share is gone after use of CA Cleanup Appdata. It was the only private share. all other is there but now I lost TB of TB of data (the most personal importen data is back up to my Synology and the cloud). I don,t now if a parity check can fix it? tower-diagnostics-20190220-2114.zip
  13. stormense

    User Share Disappeared

    My biggest Share is gone to. I don,t now if a parity check can fix it?
  14. stormense

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - TVHeadend

    Hm, some ting is wrong with the latest update. And on my machine. First I lost the connection to TvHeadOn when sanning channels then after some our Unraid crash and must do a cold reboot. Motherboard:Gigabyte B85M-DS3H Processor:Intel® Core™ i5-4690K Memory:16 GB
  15. stormense

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - TVHeadend

    I don't now why but after last update it takes about 5-20 minutes to log in and everything is slow. I must have done something wrong. But I fix it, delete and reinstall but takes one day to scan iptv channels again. How do I get EPG to work. Searching in three days now but the info I get is not a step to step. I grab my epg from: epg.SOME-SITE.com/epg/epg.xml.gz. Can't get TVheadend to reed it.