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  1. Parity rebuild in progress! Thanks for all your help! 25TB free is a BEAUTIFUL sight!
  2. There are 3 shares that are written to the most often (which are the only 3 on those drives) and when I started the first copy I went ahead and adjusted the shares to exclude the 2, 1.5TB disks. Yeah good call on add the other drives during the new config process, but I have 2 Exos enterprise drives on the way and I want to swap my parity drives out with those after I rebuild which unfortunately means rebuilding several more times so I am looking at ways to minimize the damage there, but that's still TBD. Wow I am an idiot. Since I am rebuilding anyways I could just do a new config and pull the parity drives at the same time since they are going to be rebuilt anyways. That would allow the new drives to be rebuilt as parity and I could add the current ones to the array no problem.
  3. Does using unbalance matter vs command line especially if I can verify? Also, once the copy is completed and validated what's the process for removing the disks? At this point the data on the disks is on the 1.5TB and the 10TB in the array so the parity would reflect that so I can't just pull the disks and leave those slots empty. That means I would have to do a new config and then rebuild parity?
  4. Unbalance actually has a verify stage after the copy is finished that runs a rsync -rcvPR -X. I was looking at the command syntax you sent over and since the 2nd line is -narcv wouldn't that just be a dry run because of the -n? Thanks for all the tips. It's showing me that I need to read the rsync syntax and I'm wanting to get more familiar with the Linux command line now as well. Without this I would have tanked my server somehow. :)
  5. I am actually copying one of the 1.5TB's over to the 10 right now using the Unbalance plugin as I've moved directories before that way and was successful. I was going to see how that goes before moving to command line that way I don't have to take the dockers down. Unbalance is using rsync -avPR -X so I'm doing some more digging into rsync to learn a little about the different flags available. That is extremely helpful. Common sense tells me that a move is faster than a copy, but that makes perfect sense when you throw in the extra drive activity.
  6. Good call on the copy! Not incredibly experienced with the Linux command. The data on the drive is all technically "Live" because it's mostly media for my Plex container and part of my caAppdata Backup lives there as well.
  7. I just thew in a 10TB drive that is completely empty so theoretically, I could move the entire contents of the 4 and the 2, 1.5 drives onto the 10 and still have room to spare. Could I think just remove the other 3, unassign them and rebuild?
  8. My full array currently has 12 drives in it (2, 10TB Parity Drives and 10 data drives. 5, 4TB drives, 2, 8TB drives, 2, 1.5TB drives and a single 10TB). I am wanting to get 2 more 10TB drives and replace some of the older smaller, pre-fail drives in the array. Specifically the 1.5TB drives and a VERY old HGST 4 TB drive that I would like to remove. Is it possible to do this? I can pull 2 drives at once and still rebuild since I have 2 parity drives right? I would think it would be a long process of pull the 4TB replace with a 10TB and rebuild and then do the same with the 1.5TB drives? Of course doing a pre-clear etc prior to, but as long as the original drives are still good and available there isn't really much risk in doing so is there? Thanks,
  9. Gonna bump this up as I didn't get any feedback and it sounds like maybe this was something @binhex was looking to fix by switching to rtorrent-ps. It seems like the gui and it's tasks just hang after awhile.
  10. Hello, just want to start by saying that this is by far the best torrent docker that I have come across and has been a life-saver. I am having an issue that I was hoping to get some support on or see if anyone else is having the same problem. I use a combination of Autotools, the unpack feature and Ratio Groups to automatically label new torrents, move them to a folder once the download is complete and then remove them after a certain period of time. When a torrent is added by either Sonarr or Radarr it gets a label of either TV or Movie. Pretty standard stuff. The path to that item is /data/Torrents/Download/TV or /data/Torrents/Download/Movie and once completed I have the auto move set to move the torrent to /data/Torrents/Complete/TV or /data/Torrents/Complete/Movie respectively. Once completed if there is anything that needs to be unpacked that is completed at that time as well. The downloaded item then remains on my server in that folder for 2 weeks and is removed regardless of the seed ratio (this is completed via ratio groups.) When I initially set this up it worked just fine. I tested it multiple times and everything went swimmingly. The problem I am having now is the all of my docker containers are automatically shut down every night for the CA Backup Plugin to run and backup all of my configs. For some reason after that plugin runs all of the features mentioned above stop working and won't start again until I go and stop and restart the container, but everything that should have happened between then doesn't. It will remove old downloads after I restart usually, but anything added after the plugin runs won't get assigned a RatioGroup, Nothing gets auto unpacked or moved to the correct folder when complete. I don't see anything in the logs that would cause this and there shouldn't be anything in the rtorrent.rc file that needs to be edited for this either. Is anyone else having this issue or know of a fix?
  11. When adding a torrent to rtorrent via sonarr or radarr should that download be following the autotools setup in the rtorrent UI? For some reason, my sonarr and radarr downloads do not go into the appropriately labeled folders they go into the top level "Download" Folder. It's fine if I manually add a torrent file to the watched folder, but not if an item is added via sonarr or radarr. I can set the download directory in the sonarr and radarr setup just didn't know if it is expected for those to not follow autotools.
  12. Does anyone have issues with rtorrent stopping torrents after some time with Sonarr/Radarr hardlinking. It looks to me like rtorrent may be losing access to the files inside the incomplete folder after the hardlink is completed. Not sure if that is exactly what is happening though. Is there a log somewhere I can review to verify this behavior?
  13. Ah yes, that is the issue. I discovered that config file right as you were posting this. Tested and restarted and all is working now. Thank you!
  14. Anyone else have issues with this container automatically switching the default download directory? I want the download location to be /data/Torrents but every time the docker restarts (Every morning because of backups) it switches back to /data/incomplete. This causes an issue in Windows because Windows sees both incomplete and Incomplete and I can't see any files in either folder. Sonarr and Radarr are also denied access to that folder as well so they can't post-process anything from the incomplete folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Thanks Frank, I ended up completely wiping my cache drive and setting it up as xfs instead of btrfs and restoring my apps from a backup. Things are working a lot better now from the docker app standpoint but from a windows SMB share view I still have to finagle things a lot to be able to move/delete files. I have even created a new unraid user that matches my PC username and password and am still having issues. Any ideas how I can correct this without having to go to tools and use the new permissions tool all the time?