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  1. cool thanks I will give it a shot. as a side question. if I had something running on a raspberry pi so obviously not on my unraid box could I do the same thing to have reverse proxy working for it or is this docker just for things running on unraid?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to use the reverse proxy aspect of this docker to open a webpage hosted on a VM in unraid. so, for example, say I hosted a website or installed GitLab in a VM would I be able to reverse proxy to it with a subdomain. (not sure if i'm explaining this correctly. this field is really not my element of study) Regards, Bilal Yassine
  3. Hi, I'm trying to set up this docker with a subdomain is it possible? I looked in the docs for BookStack and they only described it with subfolder using apache I copied the conf files in Letsencrypt I pasted the code below. if it's possible could you please let me know what I'm doing wrong? in the docker config i used the correct reverseproxy address. # make sure that your dns has a cname set for radarr and that your radarr container is not using a base url server { listen 443 ssl; server_name bookstack.*; include /config/nginx/ssl.
  4. wow, thanks so much... it's starting to make sense and seems like such a trivial error. it works now, I decided to change the location from /calibre-web to / just so it stays the same as all my other subdomains.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to to get calibre-web to reverse proxy. since there is no sample conf file for it in the proxy-confs folder I tried to copy one using the location block I found on the docker page. I really have no experience in this kind of thing. server { listen 443 ssl; server_name books.*; include /config/nginx/ssl.conf; client_max_body_size 0; # enable for ldap auth, fill in ldap details in ldap.conf #include /config/nginx/ldap.conf; location /calibre-web { proxy_pass;
  6. Hi, When I try to use advanced search I get the following error. I'm trying to utilise the custom columns I have in calibre and saw that you need advanced search to use them. Regards, Bilal Yassine
  7. Hi, thanks for the tutorial. I had a question about the shutdown and restart features in pulseway... are these performed in a safe way like in the unraid UI? or are should we not use them. Regards, Bilal Yassine
  8. ok, great thanks. I gave it a shot and will update if I continue to have problems. I tried replacing the cable. thanks for the help.
  9. Hi, I didn't think I should open another thread so I am continuing on this one that I made a few days ago. The same disk as before now shows 2560 errors only a few days later. I am attaching the diagnostics to this message (this time i didn't restart the server) Regards, Bilal
  10. thanks for the quick reply. I forgot about the diagnostic reports. I added to the main post.
  11. Hi, I occasionally get 32 read errors on one of my drives. I've asked before about it but the smart reports seemed fine. last night I got over 2000 read errors on a different drive and UNRAID automatically disabled the drive. I restarted the system and ran both an extended smart test (report attached) and a read-check (still running)... please could someone let me know their opinion on this issue. Kind Regards, Bilal ST4000VN000-1H4168_Z30682YK-20180924-1200.txt
  12. awesome thanks, I did as you suggested checked cables and the rebuild is in progress. I also precleared the drive. thanks for the advice.
  13. Hi I was notified of errors on my array but they were recovered however today one of my drives went offline and is being emulated. i wasn't sure how to read the diagnostic log so i have attached them here. I ran SMART Tests and the disabled drive passed without any problem so i am confused. Thanks for any help/advice. Regards, Bilal
  14. Parity check finished with 2067 errors. I'm going through the config of dockers etc and won't be making the same mistake twice. thanks again.