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    Finally upgraded internet bandwidth today

    This right here. I have AT&T gig service at my apartment (1000/1000) for $70/month, no caps. It's amazing - the last speed test I ran with the speedtest docker had me at 971 down/1104 up lol. I've never run into any outages or issues with AT&T, so far their Gig service has been great. I've never had to reach out to their tech support so can't really say how they might compare to Comcast.
  2. secondsunrise

    Share Your Banners

    I didn't create this (just grabbed a 1920x90 section of the original image) but I thought I'd share it anyways. UNRAID blends in on the left, but it still looks pretty cool
  3. secondsunrise

    A proper login page

    +1 This is a great idea!