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  1. Thanks for everyone's help! With the tips above I was able to further troubleshoot and found out that the user shares were in fact being mapped. The issue was related to how the folders were being split (and sonarr kept trying to move the files to the drive that didn't have enough space left). Changing that resolved the issue. Thanks again everyone for being so patient with me!
  2. As it turns out, I do not see that share being mounted when typing that "within my docker container". No shares are showing up there. The shares are however working outside of the docker container. I've tried pretty much everything. Wondering if I should wipe the entire unraid server and start over. It's a huge job though and one I really wish not to do!
  3. User shares sure are. I can access all my files and move them around and stuff in windows. Ls -l /mnt/user shows all my shares including the download ones, media, etc. I can use all shares as per normal, except no dockers will mount them I've tried multiple docker containers and none mount a share... Will only mount direct paths
  4. I stand corrected, that was a typo from my mobile device. /mnt/user/downloads for me does not show up in any of my dockers when I try to use it as a path. /mnt/disk1/downloads does work in my dockers. For some reason as soon as I point to a user share, the docker won't map it. This is happening on multiple dockers.
  5. This may be a silly question, and hopefully I'm clear with my question. Basically I've been using unraid with the sonar docker working great for a year or so. All downloads go to container /downloads that point to mnt/disk1/downloads. Worked great. Fast forward this week I installed an additional hard drive and now want /downloads pointing to both disk1 and disk2. I've included the extra drive in the /downloads share to include both disks, but when I change the docker settings to point to /mnt/usr/downloads the sonar docker won't see it. However, selecting one of the two physical disks work, just not the download share that includes both disks. Can dockers use user shares or do the paths need to point to a physical disk?
  6. Hey everyone, I love this container! The only issue I faced was that Plex tends to cache the channel lists and EPG, even though I changed some channels in xTeVe (meaning I won't always see my updated channel lists). Perhaps this was only a problem for me? If you don't experience this behavior, you won't need this script. The solution for this was to create a small batch file that I run on my windows computer that clears the plex cache and existing DVR database files. Run the following script AFTER removing the DVR from plex. Then just re-add the DVR. It will take some time to download the new EPG data of course as normal. pushd \\UNRAIDSHARE\plex\Library\Application Support\Plex Media Server\Cache\Http\ rmdir /S tv.plex.providers.epg.xmltv popd pushd \\UNRAIDSHARE\plex\Library\Application Support\Plex Media Server\Plug-in Support\Databases del *epg.xmltv* popd Replace UNRAIDSHARE with your location of your plex folder on your unraid server. Not sure how useful this is for anyone else, or if this is the most efficient way to do it... but it CERTAINLY makes setup of new channels much easier for me.
  7. Ah got it! I got it to work as you mentioned with PIA. I don't think I'm gunna stick with PIA as it has some limitations at my school, but it does work with my unraid server. At least I know what I gotta do to get this stuff working. Definitely need port forwarding for torrents. Thanks man!
  8. Ahh, I assumed this was the case. I've just purchased a 3 day demo of AirVPN to see if I could get that working. I've added a port forwarding port on their website, and put the same corresponding port into the options of qbittorent, although I'm still experiencing the same thing Does my docker container need to reference the port that I forwarded on the AirVPN website? FYI, I'm testing this using the public ubuntu torrent that should have hundreds of people downloading Best way I could think of to test seeding
  9. Hey Everyone, Hopefully this hasn't been asked a bunch of times but here we go. I just set up binhex's qbvpn and love it. It's all up and running and downloading torrents perfectly. However, I cannot seem to upload, nobody can connect to me? I'm testing with an ubuntu iso and although downloading was great I just can't connect to peers to upload. Is there something I need to do? ExpressVPN doesn't support port forwarding as far as I know, but I'm just wondering if theres a variable I need to set up for my docker. THanks!
  10. Did you figure this out? I'm in the same boat as you with 4 onboard nics all reporting the same info. I was able to use xen-pciback.hide=(02:00.1) on one of mine and it now is blacklisted from unRaid, but my VM still doesnt see it listed as an available pci device
  11. I'm not sure what is causing the image to get corrupt, but I deleted the VM from the console, and create a CentOS vm instead of the ubuntu one, and everything works fine. Could it be something to do with the specific iso I was using for ubuntu that causes this? Strange!
  12. Hey Guys, I've had an issue with blank pages showing up when I hit the VM tab of unraid. This happens after adding an ubuntu server. I removed the ubuntu VM from the command prompt, and the problem went away. Recreating the Ubuntu VM resulted in the same issue. Has anyone noticed this?
  13. My apologies if this has been asked before. Im a fairly new user moving my htpc away from windows over to unraid. Love it. There's really only one thing to figure out now. I use sonarr/radarr with jackett that allows me to download from some private trackers. Previously on Windows, I had some post processing going on and windows would create symbolic links because the files could not be moved while seeding. In the case of my unraid server, I have one drive for tv and one for movies. I need to use post processing to move these files around, but there seem to be duplicates left behind. On Windows I could see if it was a symlink or not, but Im not familiar with how xfs works or whatever. Can anyone tell me if my post processing on unraid is copying making duplicates on all my drives or if it's actually making links somehow, preserving my drives? Does it matter if the download directory is on a different drive than where the media will be stored? Maybe symlinks won't work between drives? Im just not sure, but I know you guys will have all the answers for me lol. Thanks! Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  14. Just an update, I re-copied everything and it seemed to work this time. So strange not sure what I did. Thanks again!
  15. Ah very true, but I assumed the bytes listed would be whatever is inside the directories? Oh well, everything is copying over as we speak. Hope to get better results 2nd time through, LOL