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  1. Thanks JorgeB, I'll try ddrescue. I only got a notification of disk 7 being disabled, nothing for disk 1. What's the best way to start the array and build parity from the remaining disks please?
  2. Thanks for the reply. The SMART test fails at 10%. Tried twice. Attached the output. Short test also won't run and says "Errors occurred - Check SMART report".
  3. Hello, in need of assistance please. Attached diagnostics from time of issue before reboot and today. Had an error pop up saying disk 7 failed. Saved diagnostic logs and rebooted. Plan was to try a preclear of disk 7 to see if I could reintroduce it again. Syslog is full of disk 1 errors but can't see anything for disk 7. Disk 1 then showed missing after reboot and has been missing since so can't start the server or try rebuild either disk. Further reboot showed disk 3 also missing but that's been showing up ok again since that one time. Struggling to get the server to see disk 1. Clicking 'no device' doesn't show any disks in the drop down menu. Swapped round SATA cables between disk 1 and disk 2 (both go into same 2 port SATA card) but disk 1 still shows missing. Swapped round SATA cables between disk 1 and parity (parity goes straight into motherboard) and disk 1 still shows missing. Replaced the 4 port SATA power splitter cable that goes into parity, disk 1, 2 & 3 and disk 1 still shows missing. Swapped PSU SATA power cable that goes into the 4x SATA splitter with another splitter but disk 1 still missing. Connected a PSU SATA power cable without a splitter to disk 1 and disk 1 still missing. Disk 7 SMART data: Disk 7 SMART overall-health: Passed When the server powers up there is a hard disk clicking sound for a few seconds which is probably from disk 1 as it happens when disk 7 power cable is removed before booting. I wonder if disk 7 might be OK to reintroduce somehow so I can rebuild disk 1? Is there a way to try recover from this without losing all the data on both disks please? Thanks, Ben tower-diagnostics-20210816-0608 [before reboot].zip tower-diagnostics-20210911-1400 [latest info].zip
  4. Hi, after the following logs disk4 has become read only: Please can someone confirm if I'll need to follow the instructions in Would a reboot first be recommended or would it just be read only again after rebooting? Diagnostics attached and using v6.6.6. Thanks, Ben
  5. Many thanks again, the replacement LSI card has fixed it! Full rebuild of disk14 complete. No errors and no issues that I can see in the syslog. Preclearing the original disk14 now to see if I can safely re-add it to the array. Hopefully all back to normal
  6. Thank you. I've ordered one. I'll let you know if it fixes the issue. I'll try this too to save the server syslog to the usb:
  7. Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware it wasn't recommended. Had a look into it and looks like this is a good deal. LSI SAS 9207-8i HBA for £108: Some of the Amazon reviews mention it is good with unRAID and there's a thread about it on here too: Can only find Chinese imports of the cheaper model LSI Sas9201-8iso so would rather not risk it.
  8. Hi, really in need of assistance with this please. I've attached diagnostics at different stages of the problem. Been having multiple issues recently and haven't been able to complete a parity check for a couple of months as after a few hours of running the check the server freezes with this output: It also sometimes has a kernel panic if not doing a parity check if left powered on for a couple of days. I have 7 other example kernel panic photos I can attach if anyone wants to see as only the bottom 3 kernel lines are the same each time. I've run 6 passes on memtest (about 6 hours) and no issues found but I know it's recommended to run that about 24 hours to be sure. Happy to do that if advised. Then to make it worse a couple of weeks after that started a disk became error disabled. I swapped it out with a new disk which I'd just pre-cleared to expand the array with but obviously can't complete the parity check or rebuild. I can't remember why now but at the time it looked like the disk was fine and the SATA port caused the issue, so I'll run a pre-clear on it to test when the server is working again. The new disk is using a different SATA port and cable to the errored one but again tonight when I've powered the server up it has disabled disk 14 again (screenshot below) with a load of errors across the disks on my 8 port SATA card (SuperMicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 PCI-E x4 8-Port SAS). Disks 10 to 16 and the original errored one are on it which leads me to think that might be failing. Could that cause an out of memory issue? Seems to be picking them off one by one! I don't have any other spare SATA ports to move disks around to test unfortunately. BTW the GUI looks gorgeous using Dark Reader After a reboot there have been no further errors whereas before the logs were full of red ata lines in the "tower-diagnostics-20190122-2010 emulated disk 14". I've seen in the link below that the kernel panic out of memory issue can be caused by processes on the server consuming all the memory. How would I check for that please? There was one time when it froze it displayed the output below when I'd left top running to try capture anything when it froze. I'm guessing that was just stating which process were being stopped to free up mem. When I logged in it immediately did the kernel panic. Not sure if related but not long before the kernel panic issue I had replaced a generic 2 port SATA card as it was generating red ata syslog lines on the 2 disks and didn't get that issue on the new replacement 2 port Highpoint Rocket 620 SATA card. To be able to use that card I used the in the link below. Could that have affected the 8 port card? Also is there a way to save the server syslog to the usb or external server so I can see what is going on before the kernel panic? Thanks for any help on this! I can't wait to get my server working again Ben tower-diagnostics-20181211-0154 before parity tower-diagnostics-20181211-1148 after failed parity check, disk 14 tower-diagnostics-20190122-2010 emulated disk 14
  9. They have moved the OS update from the Plugins section to Tools->Update OS.
  10. For anyone else searching this that has found disks always say 'busy' when trying to preclear from the command line on latest versions of unRAID, just found the following plugin you can install to do it via the GUI instead:
  11. Thanks, that did the trick. I think that is the same as the initconfig from the command line but I hadn't thought about telling it to trust parity so that has saved me having to rebuild the parity from scratch.
  12. Hi, just a quick question, had a search around and can't find the answer to this. I list the disks in the unRaid menu in the same order as they physically sit in my server to make it easy to identify which they are if I ever need to remove or replace any. I've physically moved disk 14 into slot 4 in the server. How do I re-number disk 14 to disk 4 in the unRaid menu please? If I try like the screenshot it states all data will be deleted when I start the server so this option doesn't work. What is the correct way to do this please? Is the only way to use the initconfig command to reset the array configuration data, re-add each disk in the unRaid menu, then fully rebuild parity? Hoping there's an easier way where parity would stay valid as it takes about a day and a half to rebuild the parity then it will need to recheck too. Thanks, Ben