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  1. Hi, after the following logs disk4 has become read only: Please can someone confirm if I'll need to follow the instructions in Would a reboot first be recommended or would it just be read only again after rebooting? Diagnostics attached and using v6.6.6. Thanks, Ben
  2. Many thanks again, the replacement LSI card has fixed it! Full rebuild of disk14 complete. No errors and no issues that I can see in the syslog. Preclearing the original disk14 now to see if I can safely re-add it to the array. Hopefully all back to normal
  3. Thank you. I've ordered one. I'll let you know if it fixes the issue. I'll try this too to save the server syslog to the usb:
  4. Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware it wasn't recommended. Had a look into it and looks like this is a good deal. LSI SAS 9207-8i HBA for £108: Some of the Amazon reviews mention it is good with unRAID and there's a thread about it on here too: Can only find Chinese imports of the cheaper model LSI Sas9201-8iso so would rather not risk it.
  5. Hi, really in need of assistance with this please. I've attached diagnostics at different stages of the problem. Been having multiple issues recently and haven't been able to complete a parity check for a couple of months as after a few hours of running the check the server freezes with this output: It also sometimes has a kernel panic if not doing a parity check if left powered on for a couple of days. I have 7 other example kernel panic photos I can attach if anyone wants to see as only the bottom 3 kernel lines are the same each time. I've ru
  6. They have moved the OS update from the Plugins section to Tools->Update OS.
  7. For anyone else searching this that has found disks always say 'busy' when trying to preclear from the command line on latest versions of unRAID, just found the following plugin you can install to do it via the GUI instead:
  8. Thanks, that did the trick. I think that is the same as the initconfig from the command line but I hadn't thought about telling it to trust parity so that has saved me having to rebuild the parity from scratch.
  9. Hi, just a quick question, had a search around and can't find the answer to this. I list the disks in the unRaid menu in the same order as they physically sit in my server to make it easy to identify which they are if I ever need to remove or replace any. I've physically moved disk 14 into slot 4 in the server. How do I re-number disk 14 to disk 4 in the unRaid menu please? If I try like the screenshot it states all data will be deleted when I start the server so this option doesn't work. What is the correct way to do this please? Is
  10. Thanks for the tip on the super.dat. Not having much luck at the moment with my unRaid server! Running 6.1.6. First disk14 became error disabled during a parity sync because of a temporary problem with my 8x SATA PCI-e card. Not sure why just 1 disk had the issue though since 7 are on there and were all stated as 'missing'. The card seemed fine after a reboot so started rebuilding the disabled disk from parity but during this another disk6 not on the SATA card became error disabled due to over 728,397,352 errors so this may have caused issues during the rebuild. Next time I went
  11. Many thanks for the tip itimpi Upgraded from 6.1.3 to 6.1.6 and the 'Shares' tab was empty! Disabled Adblock on the GUI and they are back.
  12. Awesome thanks for this. Just upgraded from 6.0-beta12 to 6.1.3 and couldn't access my disks the usual way (eg \\MICROSERVER\disk4\Music) Where are the individual "SMB Security Settings" options now please? Before I could click a disk in the Main->Array Devices section and set the export to No, Yes or Yes (Hidden). This is available for the flash in 6.1.3 but not individual disks any more. On the Shares page. Please be aware that these changes that make you jump through hoops to get disk shares are for your own protection. See User Share Copy Bug. Thanks. I use Share
  13. Thanks. But.... Tell a Linux-noob to create a symlink and the following question is: How? This is covered in posts near the end of the unMenu Support thread Thanks for the link. All you need to do to fix unmenu is enter from command line: ln -s /usr/local/sbin/mdcmd /root