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  1. Hi, im trying to get swag to reverse proxy to my vm in unraid. i used spaceinvader video to set it up at start but now when im trying to send to the vm, the log give me this... any one has any idea? i mean it work great when im using it on docker but i cant get it to send it to my vm Thanks for any help P.S. I actually want to send it to a vm for nextcloud instead of using a docker for it. 2020/11/10 00:45:08 [error] 431#431: *63 SSL_do_handshake() failed (SSL: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number) while SSL handshaking to upstream, client
  2. hi! it's me again..... Ok i recreated everything back and it worked for like a week and now this morning i received an error saying that a table didnt exist...... so im looking at it and now half the table dont exist anymore......... wtf is happening....
  3. Sorry u are right when it write it once its a normal message but when its an endless loop it isn't So i forgot to mention that it was an endless loop of that message It comes from the file idbdata1 caus i tried to reinstall the docker and it start crashing again as soon as i bring that file And from my understanding it looks like all the db data and for real im so doomed if i cant do anything about it ....
  4. ok i got the error mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /config/databases i now understand that its a corruption of the db...... i totally suck and dont have a backup....... any idea on how to get the data from the ibdata1 file? ok i know i failed to backup and will start working on that asap but the data on those db were important so is there anyone who have any idea? Thx for the support
  5. yes i did. and by doing some other test i finally found out..... I thought i tried the Q35 machine setup but it seems that it never worked before..... and it was the problem so switching it to Q35 and changing manually the xml finally did the work shit im so glad now!!!! Thx for the help
  6. ok update, I tried to disable the display on unraid with video=efifb:off fine i dont see anything on the screen, i can access it from the web but still freeze. I tried to use the CA application VFIO-PCI Config without success either.... now i changed the video card caus i had an other in backup and its still do the same... Every time i passthrough the gpu it just freeze on the loading screen..... please help i want to make this work....
  7. Hi, I tried every solution i can find to try to passthrougt my gpu to my vm and whatever i try, the vm just freeze on loading..... i tried normal passthrought, modify xml and remove them with vfio-pci.ids but atm it just always freeze. Unraid is using an old pcie video card and the display is there so i presume that it work.... but cant passthrougt my MSI RX580 8g V1 if you guys have any idea i would appreciate... thx
  8. ok found out that i did an error while re-entering the template and that's why i had an error.... After re-entering the template like it was before, everything just get back to exactly where it was. Thanks to me!!! 🤯
  9. Hi, I recently did a bad move and the end of the story is that it corrupted the unraid os usb stick. After like 70 tries i finally survive to the bond0 not found error (by moving my video card to an other slot???) i mean i tried like 6 usb stick from different company, tried all the usb port on my motherboard and though at the end about moving my video card.... and it finally booted.... So now that im back on i replaced my drive like they were(i think...) using all the topic i could find in this forum lol but mmmmm i was wondering if theres any way to get my docker back.... i mea
  10. Ok yes it was a realm sorry didnt see that the m didnt write 😞 then second question is: is there a way to add this server to a xbox minecraft? and thx for the coordinate :-
  11. Is there any way to create a code to let xbox user join the real? because i cant find a way for the to add it except by this way but i cant find how to create one...... and if its by the console i still havent find the way to use it.... it seems that im really bad and does any 1 know how to activate coordinate? 🤔 Sorry for all those question 😞
  12. Mmmm yeah i was talking about upgrading to the latest version but as u said u normally do the upgrade in less than 24h so they can just wait 😛 thx for all you do.
  13. Mmmm i know how to update the ducker but my question was if there is a way to update the file from the server when theres an update like yesterday without having you to do all the work for us to update it.... And thx for that update
  14. Is there a way to update the server version manually or you guys have to create an update for the container? Caus i have a bunch of kids who were mad at me today caus they couldnt play lol so im just trying to figure it out Thx and gj for your work
  15. I used the setting used in the spaceinvaderone video to configure the reverse proxy and everything works well but mmmm is there anyone who know how I could add mariadb to the reverse proxy? Because I need to query my database from outside my server space. At the moment the only way u found is to open the port for it because I'm not able to create the file for it in letsencrypt. Any idea? Thanks