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  1. I noticed my Plex container does the same.. Only uses 1 core.. Maybe this is a feature of Unraid?
  2. I have never been running into this problem until today.. I try to download a torrent file beeing 800GB big. Max speed i'm getting is 1,7MB/s when speed reaches that number the top application shows 100% CPU beeing used by transmission (probably because the big torrent and so many pieces to handle). The bottle neck here is the available CPU power.. For some reason the docker is only using 1 cpu core (or 50% of available cores).. What could be the reason for this? (i dont use CPU pinning).. I did download a smaller torrent (8GB) and the speed i was getting was around 10
  3. 3x 3TB Data drives 1x 3TB Parity Disc 1x 500GB Cache Drive Running 4 dockers (Plex, Resilio Sync, Transmission BT client, Unifi-Controller. Resilio sync the most important data to another Unraid server at another location in case something happens to this location... Have had 3 disk crashes so far.. No problem to resync everything after putting in a new disk. I run checks every 2 or 3 months.. Usually 3 months in between. Age of discs: Parity: 3y 5m Data1: 2y 1m Data2: 7m 26d Data3: 6y 1m 15d (I guess this is the ne
  4. Just want to add my experience to this.. I had the same problem with a lots of writes to the cache via loop2 and i can confirm it was the Official plex docker that caused issues on my system. I changed to linuxserver/plex and the issues went away...
  5. I ended up changeing this variables by hand.. I did set background to 5 (to start write earlier) and dirty_ratio to 90... That means i can copy around 10GB of data before a slowdown is noticed.. Thats perfect for my setup.. Before i could just copy around 2 GB or something and then transferspeed went down from 100MB/s to around 35 MB/s... Now i can transfer full speed for about 1,5 minutes or around 10-14GB of data.. vm.dirty_background_ratio = 5 vm.dirty_ratio = 90 Is there any backside of using this much dirty ratio? I guess the system cache less files when rea
  6. Ok.. everything is back up now again.. Thanks all for the help!!!
  7. ahh.. thanks for that .. Rebooting now... is it powerdown -r that is a safe way of reboot.. or would actually reboot work fine too?
  8. Hmm.. i have no /flash directory.. not sure how the filestructure of unraid is setup .. Found it.. /boot/config/plugins..
  9. Well i cannot access the webpage.. so how do i remove it via ssh? or check what changes the plugin did?
  10. No.. thats not what those settings do.. Anyway.. i tried a powerdown -r after googling a bit, it seemed like it was ok to do that .. After the reboot the webinterface seemed ok until i chose to start the array.. now its back to not working again
  11. Tried setting the things back.. after googling i found how to do it.. sysctl -w vm.dirty_ratio=20 sysctl -w vm.dirty_background_ratio=10 But this did not help... any more suggestions? i have no idea what happened.. Can i see somewhere what changes the plugin changed and then change it back? The system seems really slow, cannot really access the fileshares anymore.. i can login via SSH though.. no high cpu load and memory seems fine..
  12. humm.... i just tried this plugin... changed the vm.dirty_background_ratio to 5 and the vm.dirty_ratio to 80.. clicked apply and got presented with a black page... now i cannot access the web interface anymore... picture look like this... any tips how to restore to the default settings again?
  13. Found some forum posts about the same issue i had... turned out i had a logfile growing out of control. over 18GB ... i have now cleaned that file... everything sorted
  14. Thank you! I had the same issue here.. Did not know how this docker stuff does work. But I searched the same error message you had on google and found this article.. My docker image size were already at 20. Set it to 25 now and it started up! What is stored in that image file? and how do i access that data? hmmm i can see that my dockers (plex and resilio sync) writes to /mnt/user/appdata/ folder.. But that isnt the image file, is it?