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  1. *sigh* We don't see it anywhere. Rox was simply making sure you were, in fact, browsing to and not just Just a measure of validation, that's all.
  2. We didn't see it, but Rox asked you because people have done that before and, since nothing is standing out as obvious to us as to what the issue could be, we're asking everything we can think of. Either your containers are not up to date or you have another Nginx instance running either in another container or installed natively on the System that is running Docker. root@suladan:~# docker exec -it organizr nginx -v nginx version: nginx/1.20.1 root@suladan:~# docker exec -it swag nginx -v nginx version: nginx/1.20.1
  3. Yes, we did, but you didn't answer the question. Are you LITERALLY browsing to or are you replacing with your ACTUAL domain? Also, those error pages show Nginx version 1.18. Both the SWAG and Organizr containers are running Nginx version 1.20 so you're either VERY out of date or you're running something else that is using Nginx.
  4. That is a directory, not a file, but yes, it exists already, or at least it should. If not, create the directory.
  5. That should be it, per the docs.
  6. No, the command is this: touch /boot/config/modprobe.d/amdgpu.conf That will create an empty file called amdgpu.conf in the /boot/config/modprobe.d/ directory. You will need to create the correct file that corresponds to your GPU type. If it is an Intel integrated GPU, like with my issue, you will need to create the i915.conf file instead of the amdgpu.conf file. This will cause it to overwrite the file that exists to blacklist the driver.
  7. What command? The doc outlines creating a file on the flash drive which is persistent between reboots.
  8. After upgrading to 6.9, I followed the docs to whitelist the i915 driver, as they're now blacklisted by default, as outlined HERE. Then I removed the original entry I had made to the /boot/config/go file to get things working with 6.8.3, and rebooted.
  9. I removed them as they are no longer needed, per the 6.9 docs. Also, please see my edited reply above as I found the real issue and resolved it.
  10. For anyone else that may encounter the same issue, I was able to resolve my issue on 6.9 by removing the nomodeset commands in my /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg file, like so: root@Morgoth:~# cat /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg default menu.c32 menu title Lime Technology, Inc. prompt 0 timeout 50 label unRAID OS menu default kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot label unRAID OS GUI Mode kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot,/bzroot-gui label unRAID OS Safe Mode (no plugins, no GUI) kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot unraidsafemode label unRAID OS GUI Safe Mode (no plugins)
  11. Was running 6.8.3 with functional iGPU/QS transcoding w/ Plex. Upgraded to 6.9 this morning and now the /dev/dri directory is missing. Found the section in the Wiki that explains the drivers being blacklisted, created the necessary file to whitelist it ( /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf ), rebooted the server, but /dev/dri is still missing. Removed the original lines I had previously added to the go file in 6.8.3 and rebooted, but still no dice. The Server had been rebooted several times before with no issues and nothing has changed within the BIOS settings. My Server is essentially useless a
  12. This is awesome! Thanks so much for putting it together. I don't suppose you'd be willing to share your dashboard for this for easy replication of the above panels?
  13. Pardon my ignorance here, but what is the benefit of this? Is this something that one *SHOULD* be doing? Are there any disadvantages to this?
  14. Been trying to get RDP-BOINC running with Rosetta@home since Sunday and every time I try to connect I receive a "this project is temporarily unavailable" message. I can connect to other projects fine, but I want to add the Rosetta one. Anyone seeing the same issue or have any suggestions?
  15. Is it possible to only perform the audio conversion?