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  1. Hi When using the console to access the server with docker exec -u nobody -it binhex-minecraftbedrockserver screen -r minecraft and you don't exist the screen session with CTRL+a and then release keys and press d How do you get back into the screen ? Says there are dead screen and attached screen, but nothing I have tried allows me back in.
  2. Using the docker from the community applications plugin quantumobject/docker-cacti
  3. I have tried to install cacti about 4 times: tried different spine location mentioned above: Keeping everything to default setting It keeps getting stuck on this section: Installing Cacti Server v1.2.5 Your Cacti Server is now installing Bar showing 35% Any idea what I'm doing wrong
  4. Hi Did you manage to come right, getting exactly the same issue, bad gateway Running the plex official docker. and with the following setting in plexsubdomain config include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; resolver valid=30s; set $upstream_plex PlexMediaServer; proxy_pass;
  5. Thank you for the response Looks like I'm buying a new ups with USB functionality, in the long run prob the better solution
  6. Hi I need some help, I recently started using unRAID and I ran into problem and can't find a plugin to solve it. Where I live we have frequent power outages, lasting for s few hours at a time and I have a UPS that keeps my system up for about 30 mins. The issue I have is I'm not always at home to power my systems down if the power goes out. I can't connect the UPS to the unRAID box, to make use of the UPS App to shut the systems down. [Old UPS with a com port, New box with no com port]. Is there a method (App, Docker, VM, script) that can monitor my network e.g. ping a raspberry pi that is not on a UPS, every couple of minutes and if it doesn't get a response it shuts the unRAID box down. Your help is appreciated.