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  1. Same here.. Mine was displaying fine until the last custom tabs update.. Everything else is still good, It's just Sab that won't display anymore..
  2. Woohoo! I finally was able to use my 1080 ti that I've had for awhile.. I've never done any gpu passthrough before and naturally I chose the threadripper to do it on.. Drove me a little nuts for awhile.. For whatever reason, my gtx980 passes through and displays on Splashtop desktop, but my 1080ti, I was getting a black screen.. After countless hours of swapping cards around, dumping and downloading bios, restarts, and changing every setting I could think of, turns out that the 1080ti won't display on Splashtop but it works just fine through RDP. Not sure why one card worked but the other didn't.. Been going through the paces all day and everything seems good so far.. But anyway.. It works!! Thanks to everyone who made it possible..
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/7gp1z7/threadripper_kvm_gpu_passthru_testers_needed/ In case anyone hasn't seen this.. Things are looking up.. New to Unraid still and my 1080 Ti has just been sitting in my case looking pretty for 2 months.. Anyone try out the patch yet?