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  1. Probably not the right forum to discuss your issue, but here's what a quick search brought up: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/03/18/2002822/0/en/Locast-lessens-coronavirus-hardships-with-emergency-offer.html
  2. It sounds like you have more of an issue with plex, than with this docker. You may want to check with the plex support forums either here or on plex
  3. There's a new offical version of speedtest cli, but I can't seem to find a docker version for it. I'd build one myself, but following someone build one and building on your own are two different things. https://www.speedtest.net/apps/cli
  4. got this working pretty easily Not sure where everyone is at, but this is what your suppose to do: Create an appdata folder: /mnt/user/appdata/locast2plex/ copy the config_sample.ini from the github owner and place it inside the above folder and rename it config.ini Fix the config to your liking In the docker container create a new path call it CONFIG container path: /app/config/ host path: /mnt/user/appdata/locast2plex/
  5. Following up on this. How do you get to the appdata folder for this docker? I was under the impression docker containers automatically created folders within the appdata folder. I want to be able to add 4 tuners to this container. I know I could just create a second container, but I'd like to keep configurations in parity.
  6. @littlebudha, good Idea about sending it through a VPN. Didn't think about that.
  7. Finally got this working! Had some personal issues I had to deal with, such as I forgot I only allow certain ip's through my FW (DOH!) after doing some tcpdumps and some reading...I didn't know that the unraid server couldn't talk to the VM's directly... Thanks for the setup!
  8. Not getting as far as @snappertom. But just wanted to test this before setting up a donation. Locast2Plex v0.4.2 DEBUG MODE ACTIVE UUID found. UUID set to: hmwhuwux... Logging into Locast using username locast@the19202.com... Error during login: [Errno -3] Try again Exiting... Locast2Plex v0.4.2 Locast2Plex v0.4.2 DEBUG MODE ACTIVE UUID found. UUID set to: hmwhuwux... Logging into Locast using username locast@the19202.com... Error during login: [Errno -3] Try again Exiting... I have special characters in my password, so I tried breaks and
  9. I finally got this setup during lockdown, If this is your first run, you have to login as root which needs to be encrypted as sha2 format in your conf file. Then after that you can use your admin password going forward.
  10. So this is my third crash this month. I've added more ECC ram, moved to a new case added more fans and cpu cooler...Looking at my graphs, the server wasn't doing a whole lot during the crash, I've even ran handbrake for 3 full days trying to compress a tv series and had no problems. It's iritating this is happening so much now. Attached is the server logs and a screen shot of my server statistics just before it's demise. I've also run diagnostics against the ram and didn't show any issues. I could shutdown some additional dockers, but wouldn't a failed docker crash the container rather than th
  11. Maybe I should clarify, these aren't lock ups, but system crashes. If I need to change the title, LMK.
  12. I'm not using ipv6. The interfaces are set to ipv4 only. There was a link local ipv6 in the routing table however, but I deleted that.
  13. Hello, this is the 4th time I've had a lockup on my server in about two months, twice in the last 2 weeks. I'm not sure if it started when I upgraded to 6.7.2, but before then my system has been running flawlessly since then. Haven't done a deep dive on other threads, but a quick glance doesn't lead me to any obvious issues. So I'm posting my diagnostics to get the ball rolling. Pretty sure this is already in the diag, but will post again for prosperity: M/B: Dell Inc. 07T4MC Version A01 BIOS: Dell Inc. Version 1.0.15. Dated: 07/12/2018 CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1225 v5 @ 3
  14. Hello, webgrab+ has been recently updated to 2.1.9, I was wondering if this could get updated too. Thanks!
  15. Interesting. I didn't see the bottom part of your screen shot. Have you tried deleting the appdata for the openvpn configuration?