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  1. Ok so I think it is due to Plex Media Scan seems to be the culprit. I am not sure what to fix for then..? I just added more agents to scan to Plex recently cuz it was not finding any covers for the new content I added. Could it be the cause?
  2. Hello, I am kind of a noob. I had my tower for maybe 2 years now. And I have this error now. Here is the diagnostic. I am not sure where to start. If anybody has any way to let me know what to fix, I would love that. Thank you! tower-diagnostics-20200130-1914.zip
  3. Thank you for your explanation! That was perfect! I will try to mark the thread as solved
  4. Ok thank you! Your link https://portforward.com/ is amazing! I found where it was on the server. Such a weird spot. The TCP was open for the port 32400 for Plex and UDP on 1900. I deactivated both and set it like this: I also checked the checkbox for manual port 32400 for Plex and it seems to show it green now. Now, I still don't understand what are all these ports here: Should I open them as well? Wont the server need that to send the stream to my Plex users?
  5. Hello, I am trying to configure Plex properly, but I am very noob with configuring both my router and the Plex docker. Here is an image album of what I have done: https://imgur.com/a/73nRb0Y So my questions are: Is the Plex docker configured on "host" instead of "bridge" the right way to do it? Then I don't understand why the docker has so many ports used... Should I open all of them?! Edit: if yes, i used the ports listen on the right? Finally this UI for my Linksys router is confusing the hell out of me. I am not even sure this is the right pl
  6. Bump (sorry was busy and forgot till now. Going to vacation soon and I want to be sure it is configured properly)
  7. Hello, I am pretty nooby, and I am sure I didn't open properly my router's ports for my Plex and Resilio dockers. I am trying to figure out but I am overwhelmed with the jargon, and english is not my native language on top of this. I'll go in order: I setup my unraid server (called "Tower") on (ethernet wired): This works my tower is now on this local address all the time. Then I have my dockers, configured as default mostly. No idea why the Plex shows the right local address, but the Resilio shows a wei
  8. It worked!! And I now learned this command! Thank you again!!
  9. Hello, dumb question with unbalance (unRaid 6.5): I get the warning: But when I open the terminal and look into, they are 'drwxrwsrwx' (so a 's' instead of an 'x'). How can I change that? Should I change that?
  10. Dumb question about these rescan intervals and similar parameters: As it is on the unRaid/NAS machine, technically it will never have any change from there, but only from my peers folders (other computers). How does these settings influence this kind of settings? I am confused with this sentence from your article above:
  11. I am not sure I need a diagnostic but here is the inconsistency: https://imgur.com/a/ONHMJ (Note: I'm using 6.4.0 as I need to bathtub-proof some drives I have with pre-clear, I do plan to install the 6.5 asap). But what I wonder is: Does the main page, for the unassigned device, use a different "api" to get the temperature of my HDD, while the pre-clear uses a more standard one? I heard that the unassigned device plugin will be integrated by default in unRaid and that pre-clear disapears, so I am a bit worried that in this specific case, the old plugin works bette
  12. Can we please, once for all, do a guide on how to pre-clear guides for the newest versions of unRaid? We have the first post of this thread that has a video etc saying how awesome it is and it would be crazy to don't test the drives. Yet we have to browse in the middle of the thread to figure out what to do if we only used the plugin so far. A new video, or some tutorial with screenshots would be really good right now.
  13. Pretty sure the /sync folder is where you keep your folders, but the /download one is where the chunks of the files are stored while it get transferred. Like any bitTorrent client, one place to download, one place to store the end result. In the case of unRaid, the /download would require a lot write and read, so put that in a cache if you can, then the /sync might be where the final file is moved and no more write on it?
  14. Hello, super dumb question (I'm still learning all the terminology) I noticed that when I want to access my Plex server on my phone outside of my home, it displays a message that the server is not directly accessible. But I still can access it somehow. Now I want to do things right. I have a basic router for now, and I binded my unRaid to I activated UPnP to do all the port forwarding automatically, here are some images: https://imgur.com/a/CBy6G Now the fact that it doesn't work, does that mean I need to set a manual port forwarding
  15. Ok thanks, I am still in the process of migrating all my data off my drives. Once it is done I'll give it a try! Thanks!!