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  1. You do not deserve this in the first place. What a shameful attitude, telling the volunteer developers what you think is acceptable.
  2. I will perform the update during the holidays and report back to you. In the meantime I have sent a donation your way. Thanks to everybody contributing to this project! Your work truly has improved my quality of life. Since the donate link is buried in this thread, I’m posting it below, in case other people feel compelled to donate as well. 😊 https://www.linuxserver.io/donate
  3. I have been using a Quadro P600 from the earliest Nvidia Unraid builds with nvidia-smi and am currently running 6.8.0-rc7 without any issues regarding transcoding and using nvidia-smi commands. Hope this helps. I would also like send my heartfelt thanks to everybody involved with the plugin and the builds! Your work is truly appreciated!
  4. Facing the same situation, I chose to upgrade to a RC version. No regrets so far bu I understand if you are reluctant.
  5. Thanks! The script by Xaero works great with the User Scripts plugin.
  6. Thank you both for these inputs. I will install CA User Scripts. Can the script be run regularly without any undesired effects, or should it only be run after an update of the Plex container?
  7. Thank you for this script and a massive thank you to everybody involved with this project!👏 Worked flawlessly on 6.7.0-rc4 with an NVIDIA Quadro P600. In case a non-programmer like me will run into the same question I have, here is the exact procedure which worked for me: Copy the script into an editor Modify the "con" value (e.g. "binhex-plexpass") Save as an .sh file Copy to desired folder on Unraid server (if not working on server already) Open terminal from Unraid webgui and enter "bash /path/to/script.sh
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. This sounds like an improvement to my current situation. In order to change between the fan modes you describe (optimal, standard, full) I currently have to select them manually through IPMI. Thank you for your efforts and have a beer on me!
  9. I'm waiting on a CPU for my Supermicro X10 board. As soon as I get that and swap out my system. I'll make it a priority. As I'm also using a SM X9 board, I would like to ask if you have an updated regarding compatibility with this series? Thank you in advance!