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  1. Yeah, everything is updated with a working driver there. I'm gonna try a BIOS update since that seems to fix the error code 127 and code D3 for a lot of people. My only worry is that Asrock has no BIOS with AGESA which they recommend for my 2700
  2. I did pretty much that, I had it working through VNC previously just like my other VMs. Problems started trying to do more by adding a GPU. Not sure how I would control that VM if I didn't also passthrough the USB pcie card? As far as IOMMU groups go, I had to do a PCIe ACS override and now my GPU and it's sound card are in two groups but I don't believe that to be an issue. I also followed SpaceInvaderOne's recommended XML edit to put both on the same 'multifunction' slot. In any scenario I believe I have found the issue; In the VM logs the last line is: A google search of that brings me to a /r/unraid thread that explains that is caused by a buggy MB BIOS. That will be my new research lead for another night. I appreciate you taking the time to try and help! edit: I mean the screen that is plugged in the GPU that is assigned to the VM. VNC is disabled by unraid since there is a GPU but remote desktop works just fine.
  3. I have a computer right next to it I tried cycling the VM a couple times, I can remote desktop into it but the screen stays blank and pressing on the wireless keyboard I have plugged in the a add-in card allocated to the VM doesn't change anything either. I also just tried booting the server with no output cable in the GPU, to see if that would help with unraid not taking it during boot. Also have unraid booting with no GUI just in case.
  4. I've been trying to give my only GPU to my VM just like you were trying originally. My server can boot with no GPU at all, including no igpu, so I was hopeful to get it working like that but I'm not having any luck. When I assign the GPU to the VM it does what you described; The screen shows unraid stuff until I boot the VM and then it goes blank and is useless, forcing me to reboot the server. I guess I'll try a basic 1-slot GPU like you next although I was hoping to save my very last slot for another future project. 2700, X470 Master SLI/ac, GTX 1050 is the pertinent part of my setup
  5. I'm at this point right now, trying to get my 1050 to show an image. Did you ever get yours working?
  6. Damn that was it, thanks. After multiple installs I must have fat-fingered it. Thanks for your assistance, I appreciate you taking the time to lend your eyes!
  7. Hi, I'm having issues reassigning the WebUI port to avoid the conflict with my Ubiquiti Console Docker. I read the ReadMe on GitHub as well as some posts on here and such have reassigned both the WebGui port as well as both sides of the port allocation in the Docker settings. I stil don't get anything when I connect the the set port. My docker install command results are below (vpn credentials edited) From what I can understand I have successfully edited -p '8088:8088/tcp' as well as -e 'WEBUI_PORT'='8088' The only detail where I might have gone wrong is to change the -p setting I had to delete "Host Path 3" in the image settings and create a new "Host Path 3" BTW I set privoxy to 9119 but that was the case before and didn't cause any issues previously.
  8. Hi! Thanks for this plugin. I was tired of having random disconnect-reconnect warning messages from the integrated UPS utility with my USB connected CP1500AVRLCD. I'm surprised by two things that I see now that I have NUT configured though. First off, I can't seem to change the Master IP address? I stays stuck on the default even though the field seems editable. The other detail, a bit more striking to me, is that it says my UPS is outputting at a unnecessarily high voltage? When I had it connected through a windows client I remember setting it at the strictest voltage control settings but right now it's receiving 118V from the wall and sending out 142V if NUT is to be believed. Is that information reliable? And if so, is it configurable through NUT? edit: I re-activated the integrated UPS utility and that one says my UPS is both receiving and outputting at 119V, which sounds more normal.
  9. Hi, I am having a very similar issue with shfs bringing my 8 core CPU to a full 100% load. Have you managed to address your problem? I plan on starting a new thread with my own details but I'm surprised to see yours with no follow-up whatsoever.
  10. Oh I hadn't seen that anywhere, thanks for the clarification. Do you have a luks-compatible windows utility to recommend by any chance? Veracrypt seems to be the most up to date I can find suggested but the last build now dates back 3 years.
  11. I'm currently on UD v2020.04.27 and have been trying to mount a Bitlocker protected drive for the first time. I'm not capable of selecting a drive for the "encrypted disk" settings in either Firefox nor Edge at the moment. Could this be a bug with the drop down menu? I can't seem to mount the disk without the password beforehand either.
  12. @1812 pray tell because I haven't seen anything to that effect.