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  1. I was just reading up on ASRock x299 motherboard and it looks like it has more than one USB 3.1; is this a newer version than the one you have? It would be nice to have more ports to pass in different hardware at the same time for multiple machines.
  2. @SSD I appreciate the feedback! I was considering going with what you have since you had no issues with your setup. I was looking at the 7920X also, I think it's the best bang for the buck. The board that I was looking at was the supermicro C9X299-PGF; it's a new board for them and I read quite a few places that supermicro was headache free solution with unRaid. After seeing your post, I reconsidered the Asrock and leaning in that direction instead. I want something that will work and will be headache free. I don't use plex and all the other entertainment docker containers etc.. that I've seen others using. I just plan on using it to run whatever OS I want to run for work, and in some cases I might want to run multiple at the same time for testing and mock deployments. As long as I can run linux, windows, and mac and be up to date for years to come, that's the most important thing to me. I'll be price shopping now and start collecting stuff as I run across good deals. 64 gb of ram is plenty for what I want to do also, it's the graphics cards that are going to be tricky. I want to pass through at least 3 cards to 3 vm's that I can fire up anytime. I will post back as I put this together and let you know how it turns out. Thanks again!
  3. I'm planning on an x299 build with an I-9, glad I ran across this post. It will be my first unRaid server.
  4. I hope this is the right place to post this, my apologies in advance if it's not. I'm considering purchasing this board C9X299-PGF and an i9 x-series processor along with a couple of GPU's to build my first unRaid server. I couldn't find any information if this is compatible or not; not sure how I can tell. I do remember reading a few places that Supermicro was the better option as far as MB's for compatibility with unRaid. Anyhow, if anyone can confirm whether or not this is a good idea before I start gathering parts for my new build I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you all in advance for the feedback!
  5. @GreenDolphin thanks for the advice. I might just change the board and processor in this machine and go cheap on this first build as I get familiar with unRaid. If in the future I decide to upgrade to another box, does moving the hdd's and the unRaid usb into the new machine just work plug-n-play or are there steps to take before migrating your drives to completely new hardware?
  6. First of all, forgive me for my lack of experience and knowledge of unRaid. Is it safe at this point to run AMD Thread ripper without running into stability issues? I am interested in a system with multiple GPU's and wanted to make sure before I purchase hardware that I will be able to run a machine without freezing issues. I will be building 2 separate builds; one for me and the other for a friend of mine. I have read quite a few posts but did not really feel 100% whether or not it was safe at this point to take the plunge. I looked at the Intel chips and to get something remotely powerful enough we would have to spend quite a bit more than purchasing AMD. If thread ripper is not ready for prime time on unRaid, what are the other options that will work that have a 8 or more cores and 16 threads?
  7. @gridrunner thank you for the information. I think I am motivated enough to turn this current system into an unRaid server so I can follow your videos on YouTube and eventually build a more capable server.
  8. @CHBMB I can't believe that I didn't notice that in your signature. I assume with this configuration that you're able to run pretty much any OS including Mac.
  9. @CHBMB it looks like you were a little busy testing hardware. Do you have any recommendations for motherboard and CPU, GPU, etc... that is worth considering? Not sure if it's worth doing, but i was considering taking this existing hackintosh and using it as an unraid server as I get familiar with it before graduating to a new server. It's an i5-haswell with a Gigabyte Z97M-D3H. I have a few drives that I can allocate to it, but I wasn't sure if it's even worth doing that since it's not at all beefy. The ideal situation would be to have enough GPU's, CPU's, and RAM to run multiple VM's at the same time with dedicated resources. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi, I watched the videos by @gridrunner on YouTube and developed an interest for unRaid. I was using KVM before on Ubuntu, but I think I like the whole UI and all the features that it offers. Anyhow, what I'm really interested in is moving from a dedicated hackintosh to a virtualized one as in the video. I was not sure if you have to have a specific set of hardware in order to get Mac OS running in a virtualized KVM environment. Does the processor I choose make a difference? Can a single graphics card be shared for multiple VM's running at the same time? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.