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  1. FWIW when I initially started using Unraid last year it was using an EVGA Micro2 motherboard and I lost a brand new USB thumb drive several months into it. I was so pissed LOL Upgraded hardware earlier this year and haven't had any USB issues (thankfully).
  2. I had to swap out a cache drive and when mover finished replacing the appdata, system and domain folders back onto the new cache drive, my DelugeVPN container won't start and my port mappings look exactly like yours for some reason (likely zero'd out because the container isn't running, but thought it was odd nonetheless). Was working perfectly before...
  3. The whole server was locked up, console was obviously inaccessible. Had to hard reboot... Checking parity now, then I'll try to dig in to find out why this happened.
  4. I'm trying to swap cache drives and disabled VM and then Docker per the FAQ instructions. After doing that I'm not able to access the Unraid web gui... Any reason why this would happen and how to fix?
  5. Digging this up from the graveyard. I'm trying to swap cache drives and disabled VM and then Docker per the instructions above. After doing that I'm not able to access the Unraid webui... Any reason why this would happen??
  6. Tried refreshing the MAC address first, no luck. Then changed the model type in XML and again, no luck 😢
  7. Guess my only solution is to rebuild my VM? Thankfully it's not too big of a hassle at this point. Just wish I was better versed in troubleshooting these types of issues.
  8. Did just that (great idea on the VNC). I was able to check the network adapters and it was re-enabled. However, when I stopped the VM and added the graphics card back in, I'm getting the same RDP connection error for some reason.
  9. I accidentally disabled my network adapter inside my Win10 VM and was immediately disconnected from RDP. How can I re-enable the VM's network adapter and reconnect?
  10. Did you ever figure this one out? I'm trying to figure out the best way to restore my Plex database after it corrupts from the 6.7.x sqlite db corruption bug.
  11. Clearing the old core.conf file allowed me to access the webgui! Now to re-dial in the settings. Thanks @binhex !
  12. @binhex any feedback or idea based on this .conf file?