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  1. I love how easy Unraid is to use and the ability to add drives as I need. If you simply continue to refine the system, I’m a happy camper. Thanks for all the team does!
  2. I have updated my config file and it works great. One issue I do have, which I believe is a fault with the liftmaster2 package and not this docker, when the docker restarts I get an error: (node:32) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Cannot add a bridged Accessory with the same UUID as another bridged Accessory: eb518639-e128-494e-a833-150122d70b6c The solution is to delete the cachedaccessories file. Is there a command I could set up to do that on each startup of the docker? Either way I very much appreciate you adding the ability to add this pa
  3. Ok, not sure what happened to fix it, but I went to github and copied and pasted from there vs from this forum for git+ i then edited the packages (removed the git+etc and pasted from the the github copy) now it loaded up just fine. Haven’t edited the config yet, but we’re in business!
  4. Thank you again for your continued efforts! Tonight I removed both images, GUI and non, and deleted the homebridge folder in app data for good measure. I recieve the following error on the GUI versions first run: --2018-11-20 01:20:17-- Resolving (,,, ... Connecting to (||:443... connected. HTTP request se
  5. I appreciate your efforts! However it doesn’t appear to work yet. I placed git+ In the package field of the template first with the stock packages and then by itself. In each case this is is the errors it’s throwing: File '/root/.homebridge/config.json' already there; not retrieving. npm ERR! addLocal Could not install /git+https:/ npm ERR! Linux 4.18.17-unRAID npm ERR! argv "/usr/bin/node" "/usr/bin/npm" "install" "-g" "
  6. Firstly, thank you for making these Homebridge dockers! I’m having an issue getting homebridge-liftmaster2 working. It’s throwing an error which appears to be due to the latest published version bring 0.1.0 where github has 0.5.0. See Here The solution apears to be run npm install -g git+ to get the latest version installed, but doesn’t appear to be possible with this docker. Is that correct or am I missing something. Thanks! Justin
  7. I got into Storj because of this container and was able to get StorjMonitor running on my 3 nodes thanks to your well written instructions. Thanks for your hard work!
  8. Man, that’s embarrassing, but I’m glad it was simple. I guess that’s what I get for trying to do it with a 3 year old running around and a baby in my arms. I even rewatched the video thinking, yup did that, did that too... Thanks for your help, it’s much appreciated.
  9. Sure thing I appologize for the formatting. I am on my iPad on break. Thanks for you time. <domain type='kvm'> 2 <name>OS High Sierra</name> 3 <uuid>d69ee06c-5144-db8c-bf49-ea626e7b973c</uuid> 4 <metadata> 5 <vmtemplate xmlns="unraid" name="Linux" icon="linux.png" os="linux"/> 6 </metadata> 7 <memory unit='KiB'>8388608</memory> 8 <currentMemory unit='KiB'>8
  10. Hello all, I followed the guide and successfully passed the point where you reboot and change the resolution. Next step is to boot into the installer. The Apple logo show up then it reboots. I downloaded the latest clover when building the installer. I couldn’t seem to find a similar issue in this thread, but there’s a couple comments on the YouTube video without a solution. Thanks for everyone’s time and to threadrunner for the amazing videos!