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  1. With Unraid assigned IP of on VLAN4 (in unraid network settings), I cannot ping it from the router, or any other devices on VLAN4. Although a docker on VLAN4 does come up in the device list. I believe I do have the switch set up correctly, the router's port 3 goes to the port 1 of the switch, and port 2 of the switch goes to unraid.
  2. So by assigning an IP to the VLAN interface, i'm assuming you're talking about within settings > network settings. I was under the impression this needed to be defined as per @bonienl's instruction in the tutorial so the docker see's the VLAN as a network choicer. Regardless, I followed your advice and removed the IP from VLAN4(br0.4). Within the docker settings, i've entered the following for br0.4. I get correct IP assignment upon starting the dockers (and the network shows up as a choice within the docker), however I get the same problem, no internet connection from the dockers/no connection to host. Also I cannot ping the dockers from the router, but i can ping between dockers on the VLAN
  3. I've had the same results on 2 other dockers, running on both the VLAN and bridge. Although DelugeVPN gave a ping result, so I transferred that to the VLAN and got the below results. Can ping other dockers on the VLAN but not the host or gateway. Additionally, the ipp addr are below.
  4. I'm not familiar with Linux syntax in unraid, how do you ping
  5. Thanks @bonienl and @ken-ji for the detailed responses. I believe I have my system set up now...mostly. My test docker is running off br0.4 and the router reports its IP on LAN2/br2/VLAN4. Success! I've set up rules in the router for access between LANs for the time being. Now for the final piece of the puzzle though, the router IP on VLAN4 is now ( on br0), I put that in the gateway IP in unraid for br0.4. The docker has no internet connection. Using Sonarr as an example, i get "no route to host" errors in the log. Is there something I need to do specifically to allow internet access to the br0.4 VLAN? I've tried setting the gateway to both and 1.1.
  6. @bonienl one last question: I'm trying to configure my router, however i'm having trouble trying to find the appropriate options in the webui. As mentioned previously, i'm using a Netgear R7000 running AdvancedTomato firmware. There's network and VLAN menus but i'm not sure about assigning certain networks to a VLAN ID. I've set up port 3 (which is connected to the switch with unraid), as a tagged VLAN4 port. Is this correct? Although further advanced options as per your tutorial aren't available under VLAN. I'm sure the option is available somewhere, the verbiage is probably just different, and nestled in another section somewhere. Would you have any idea how to set this up, or similar setup instructions elsewhere?
  7. Yeah my router is at one end of the house, and the AP is at the other, so that wouldn't work ha. I went out and bought a TL-SG108E and now have it connected directly to the router, with unraid, AP and others connected to the switch. I'll have a crack tomorrow at setting up the VLANs in the switch and router. I've been dabbling deeper and deeper into the networking rabbithole lately, and advice like yours is priceless. Cheers.
  8. Thanks for the explanation. By sub-interfaces do you mean, assigning VLANs to each port? I couldn't find a reference to that terminology. I have an R7000 running advanced Tomato as my main router and it supports VLAN port assignment. Obviously the EX7000 extender does not support VLAN or trunking, so I was looking into buying a cheap managed switch that supports trunking. The NETGEAR GS108E supports VLAN, but the datasheet says it doesn't support link aggregation/port trunking so I guess that's a no. The 16-port model support it, but only "Static Manual LAGs only". What does that mean? Do u know of a cheap switch or router that supports the functions you mentioned? If router, even better one that can run Tomato.
  9. Sweet, will give this a crack when I get home. A further question: My network is set up with router, hardwired to a Netgear ex7000 extender acting as an AP/switch, with several devices including my unraid server wired to the ex7000. My router is running tomato firmware and can set up VLANs. When I set up the VLANs for the port the switch is running on, will that effectively place everything on that switch onto the isolated VLAN? Because as described in the tutorial, I'd like unraid on the main network (, then certain dockers and VMs on their own isolated networks. Forgive the noobiness, I have only recently started learning about VLANs.
  10. I'm attempting to follow @bonienl's instructions for setting up dockers and VMs on a seperate VLAN. The plan is: - main network - docker network However in Unraid VLAN settings, when trying to assign (or anything 192.168.x.0), the routing table always assigns this to Why is this? Additionally, setting the docker VLAN IPv4 to automatic, assigns an IP address, but does not show up in the docker network settings dropdown.
  11. Boo-urns

    Libre/OpenELEC Xorg Server error

    Thanks @tjb_altf4, I used the LibreELEC generic img from the LibreELEC site, managed to figure out installation and got it working. Cheers! Additional questions...is there a good repo or something somewhere to download custom libre/open .img's? ie PMP embedded or some with Spotify or others? 2nd, I was using the Plex app on my Samsung Smart TV to stream from my unraid PMS docker no worries. 4K movies would stream nice n smooth. I've loaded my SMB media shares in Kodi (and also the Plex add-on), and since using the VM, i'm getting stuttered playback of 4K movies, and the plex add-on gets a playback failed error. I'm assuming this is due to the 28Mbps bitrate, but it used to work fine using the plex app on the tv. I was thinking perhaps the Samba shares were bottlenecking it a bit, and wondered if you could map an unraid share directly to a VM, similar to dockers (/mnt/user/Media = /Media). Apparently this is called 9P, so I tried following instructions here. Do the below 'unRAID Share' and 'unRAID Mount tag' configure the XML automatically? Because I can't seem to find the share in the VM folders anywhere.
  12. Morning! So i've been playing around trying to get my GT1030 passthrough working for a VM. I'm running an ITX board (1 slot), Ryzen 1700 and a NVIDIA GT1030 connected via HDMI to a TV. I've always run my unRaid headless, however my plan is to run a VM with PMP or Kodi output on the TV, in place of the TV apps, which can be laggy and cumbersome. I have managed to get a Win 10 VM working using SpaceInvaderOne's vids (editing the VBIOS file, deleting the initial lines). However when trying an OpenELEC or LibreELEC VM (pre-packed unraid template), i'm getting no output using OVMF BIOS. I changed to SeaBIOS and now my output reads "Failed to start Xorg Server". See "systemstl status xorg.service" for details. How do I find this file? As well as the "Dependency failed for Fluxbox Window Manager" The VM runs fine when using VNC, so i'm not sure of the problem. I've searched through forums but I can't seem to find an answer. Closest I found was this, where i'm having the same problem. The guess in this post was that maybe the 1030 wasn't supported. Can anyone provide assistance? TIA
  13. Boo-urns

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Sonarr

    OK, so I have managed to get the files importing now, however now I am faced with another issue. Sonarr is not deleting the leftover files after importing. I have "Completed Download Handling" set to 'Remove' imported files. I also have hardlinking enabled. For testing purposes, i have set Deluge to the below, so it stops seeding shortly after completing: Sonarr imports the file, renames it and copies it to my 'Media' folder. However once the seeding stops, the torrents is deleted from Deluge but the files remain in the 'completed' folder. Any help?
  14. Boo-urns

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Sonarr

    Isn't that exactly what i've got within Sonarr itself here? Being within Sonarr > Settings > Download Client > Advanced > Remote Path Mappings Or do I have to have these mappings set as Volume mappings in unraid, as I've now included below. If so, does the container path need to be data/completed or can it match DelugeVPN as just /data?. As far as I can understand, all 3 dockers should see /data as the same place, with /data/completed being within that. Apologies for beating a dead horse/topic, I just am having a hard time trying to figure out how what you're describing is different from what I already have. Thanks again Squid for the quick reply.