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  1. Ah my bad, it was a permissions error on the 'disks/rclone_volume' path! Will have a play with it later this evening, but looking great at the moment, thanks!
  2. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something - in Sonarr I have a mapping of /data <-> /mnt/disks/rclone_volume/, but if I browse to data within Sonarr, I just see the contents of my local /mnt/disks/rclone_volume/ folder? It doesn't seem that drive is actually getting mounted there.
  3. Sorry to drag up an old thread - does this still work? I've installed the docker, ran the conf and I've got the /data drive showing within Sonarr which is great - I just don't seem to be getting the actual mount to happen at any point? Have I missed something obvious do you think?
  4. Does anyone have any instructions for migrating from Influencers plugins to these new ones?
  5. Every topic on here regarding releases seems to turn into a war about communication between Tom and the rest of us. As far as I'm concerned it is what it is, and I knew that going in so can hardly complain. On the other hand, I do think that some users on here forget that unRAID is a paid product, and its not unreasonable for users to expect some communication.
  6. Array has been running fine for months on my HP Microserver, tried to start today and it gets stuck somewhere - running 5.0 RC2 (was planning to upgrade today!) On the main unRAID page, it just says 'Starting' indefinitely (and I have SimpleFeatures). unMENU thinks that the array has started, and if I browse from Windows I can only access the flash drive. I think the problem is something to do with my cache drive? My Syslog is attached below, hope it is a relatively simple fix? This is the only error thrown according to unMENU. Jun 18 22:30:45 Tower kernel: ata1: SATA l
  7. Which version is better/most supported, this one or the one in the plugin forum?
  8. Since 1.07 update, commas and full stops are the wrong way round for me in the web interface. This anything to do with display settings?
  9. It should be... It did create itself fine on a reboot, and the mover is now working. Still absolutely clueless as to why it wasn't created and why my min free space was seemingly ignored.
  10. Have noticed I don't have a user0 share for some reason, which I imagine is causing the problem. Still don't know why the cache has allowed itself to get so full? If I restart the array will user 0 be recreated?
  11. Got back to my PC this morning to find the cache drive full and nothing moving from it. When I click 'Move NOw' I just get this message in the syslog, nothing else happes: emhttp: shcmd (70): /usr/local/sbin/mover |& logger & Here a syslog from the last few hours from when it got full to now. The Min Free Space for thecache is set to 40GB so I don't understand why it got so full. The shares which need to be written to both have over 2TB free space. The mover is supposed to run at the default time. Apr 17 08:07:13 Tower shfs/user: cache disk full Apr 17 08:07:46 Tower
  12. I have a 250gb cache drive in my machine, and have noticed this morning that for my TV Shows share, nfo and tbn files (~50kb) are being saved to it, but mkv files (~1.1GB) are going straight to the array instead. I have Min Free Space set at 40,000,000 (40GB?) and have 241GB free space, so don't understand this behaviour?
  13. I see, had a feeling it would be to do with High Water. So what will happen if files keep being saved to that disk dues to split level and it reaches Min Free Space? Also, if I were to manually move Game of Thrones season 2 to a different disk, would new files automatically be saved to that new disk?
  14. Had a server up and running for a while now, just noticed a little problem. I have 3 data drives in at the moment (2TB, 2TB, 1TB) and one has gotten dangerously low on space (~90GB), but unfortunately has many current seasons of TV Shows on it so keeps being used. I'm moving some old stuff off of it to remedy this, but was surprised to see Game of Thrones Season 2 get created on that disk. With my Split Level etc, I would have expected this to be put on one of the disks with more space left. So I'm listingt my settings here in the hope I've made a mistake somewhere that someone can help me fi
  15. First off, I'm running 5.0b12a. I set up a 'Music' user share a few days ago, and then copied my music over to the server. Have just noticed that its still sitting on cache drive. This is what the mover script says in log: Feb 1 05:30:59 Tower logger: mover started Feb 1 05:30:59 Tower logger: skipping Music/ Feb 1 05:30:59 Tower logger: moving TV Shows/ Feb 1 05:30:59 Tower logger: ./TV Shows/QI/Season 9/S09E01 - I-Spy - HD TV.nfo Feb 1 05:30:59 Tower logger: .d..t...... TV Shows/ Feb 1 05:30:59 Tower logger: .d..t...... TV Shows/QI/ Feb 1 05:30:59 Tower logger: .d..t......
  16. I seem to be getting stuck at the first hurdle I use Putty to telnet into the machine, after installing mysql and the swapfile, but after running the first command (mysql -u root -p) all I get is an error: ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password:ES). I get the same error with whatever word I try instead of root as well EDIT: Nevermind, a 3rd reinstall seemed to fix it...
  17. All seems good now, there were some high level server problems with the provider that weren't helping! Thanks for all the help
  18. OK it has now booted Unfortunately I can't seem to connect to it though, even by using its IP address
  19. When is the flash drive safe to remove? Not sure how to start a safe power down
  20. Hi all, hoping I've missed something stupid here, not sure what to do unfortunately. I have just finished moving my Microserver from my family home to my flat. At home it was working fine, and I could power down and reboot no problems. I've got it connected up here, but going to 'http://tower' didn't work. So I tried typing the IP address it used to be, which also didn't work, either in the browser or through putty. So, I plugged in a VGA cable to run ifconfig and get the IP address, but there was no login prompt like I expected to see. I could see that packages had finished installing, and th
  21. Hi all, I'm approaching my first unRAID system, as I finally have almost all the components. As it's a first time I'm starting simple with a HP Microserver, and am after some advice on transferring my existing data to the array once all is up and running. At the moment, I have two 2TB external HDDS full of data that I would like to have stored on the NAS ultimately. I also have an empty 2TB drive and an empty 1TB drive (As well as the 250GB drive that coms with the Microserver, but as it is such a small amount I'm not really factoring it into my plans). From my understanding so
  22. Of course it's with the lid on, otherwise it would have said "the drive temps are insane!11!!! I have to run it with the lid off!!!111!!!". It doesn't. Alright, well I'm new to all this and I thought that running it with the lid off might be an obvious thing to do when an extra 2 or 3 drives are crammed in than there should be. I am grateful for all the help I've been given, I'm just trying to get a decent footing in all this without wasting any money