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  1. Hi All, I have been struggling to resolve a problem with the Auto Update plugin since upgrading to 6.9.0 2021-02-27 and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Prior to updating, I had the Auto Update plugin updating my plugins and dockers (except Plex) once per month, however after the update, Plex started shutting down with all of the other dockers, it wasn't updated, it would just shut down. Of couse there has always beena problem with the Auto Updater not restarting dockers, but thats another issue. I tried removing the Auto Update plugin, but the dockers would still shut down on the old schedule. I tried reinstalling, but nothing has changed. Has anyone experienced this?
  2. Hi All, Thanks for your suggestions, but problem has been resolved. When checking the settings in Sonarr > General section. I noticed that the host name was entered as http://<Server_IP>. Once I changed this to just the <Server_IP>, communication resumed and I was able to successfully test the Indexer and Downloader.
  3. Sonarr not connecting to Indexer or Downloader when using Proxy Yesterday I configured Sonarr and SABnzbd, all went well and I was able to configure a couple of shows and started grabbing some missing episodes. Today, I watched Spaceinvader One's video on configuring Privoxy. Since doing so, Sonarr will not connect to the Indexers or Downloaders. Testing the connections, they fail, if I turn off 'Use Proxy' in Sonarr, they connect. I'm obviously missing something here, can someone please assist.
  4. Hi All, Couple of updates: 1. I have purchased a new drive to try to recover data. 2. I completed a firmware update on the disk which originally caused the problems. Now, when I applied the firmware update on the disk, Seagate advises to backup the disk as it may result in lost data. itimpi: I have ran a full scan of the disk which was experiencing the problems (took about 15 hours), no errors were found. tee-tee jorge: The errors I experienced were prior to extracting the disk to update the firmware. I haven't had time in the last week to investigate further and have had the machine turned off. What is the best approach for trying to recover data? I have lost a lot and desperately need to recover some data which was added to the array and wan't backed up. I have tried access the data from within UnRaid, by navigating to the disk and trying to see the data, but nothing is appearing. Are there any tools which can be used to try to extract the data?
  5. Looks like things are going from bad to worse. I've now lost disk 1 (Unmountable: No file system). Backing up data seems to be a lost cause at the moment as nothing is copying, everything is showing read errors. I do have backups of critical data, but I hope not to have to loose everything, but it seems like that is what is happening now. Still don't understand why these problems has suddenly appeared, but will try to move forward...
  6. It does seem odd that I have been operating without problems for about six months. Should I look at replacing the Controller or will the firmware update be sufficient? Will also be performing the following: Purchasing another drive to ensure dual parity Running diagnostics on the disk causing the problems Updating firmware on all disks Extracting the controller card and updating the firmware Reinstalling controller card and disk Will preclear new disk and the disk causing the problems. Insert new disk into the array in the position of the disk causing problems. Ensure parity has sync'd correctly. Then add the disk which caused the problems as parity.
  7. How should I approach fixing the read errors occuring?
  8. Update: followed the instructions https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_Manual_-_FAQ The drive was identified correctly, added to the array and the parity rebuild began. However, the error re-appeared, see new diagnostics. Ran SMART extended self-test, however the following message appeared - Interrupted (host reset). Also noticed that all of my docker containers have gone missing. Also, also seems that this drive is not being emulated at all, as I am missing a lot of content. I will be purchasing a new drive in about one week, but in the meantime I'll be running with no protection and it seems that Unraid is totally shitting itself now! Any assistance anyone can provide will be very appreciative. unraid-media-diagnostics-20200202-0741.zip
  9. Thanks for the suggestions, will look at updating the firmware on the HBA controller and HDD. Hopefully this will correct the problem. In the meantime I have suspended all operations and turned off all containers, I don't want any operation occurring while I have two bad disks.
  10. Hi All, I have been using Unraid for a couple of couple of months now, and have 1 parity drive with 5 drives in the storage array (would like to configure a second parity disk soon). This week disk 3 became disabled with errors in the logs (blk_update_request: i/o error). I researched the error and tried connecting the disk to another channel on the hba controller, no change. After changing the channel, I removed the disk from the array and ran pre-clear, the error appeared in the pre-read, I then ran pre-clear again and it completed successfully. Then ran pre-clear again successfully. At this point I hoped that the problem was fixed. So I then added the disk back to the array and the parity rebuild started, but then failed with the same error. I now have two notifications appearing: Unraid array errors: 30-01-2020 16:55 Warning [UNRAID-MEDIA] - array has errors Array has 3 disks with read errors --------------------------- Unraid array errors: 30-01-2020 17:01 Warning [UNRAID-MEDIA] - array has errors Array has 4 disks with read errors Can someone please point me in the right direction? Is it possible the HBA Controller is failing or is there a problem with Unraid? Attached diagnostics. Thanks in advance. unraid-media-diagnostics-20200130-1053.zip
  11. For previous Plex dockers I have spread it across all disks, should I limit it to only one disk?
  12. Many have written that they have backed up their Plex database, can someone please point me to the location of this?
  13. I have just updated to 6.8 RC5 and am in the process of reinstalling the Plex docker. I've read that RC5 includes the fix, but are there any specific config items I need to set?
  14. Ok, this is odd. It seems to be working today!
  15. I installed Community Applications, which is the only plugin installed. However, I can only view two of the applications contained within the plugin.