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  1. Bonding was already off but disabling my VMs did work....although not really an option.
  2. Just pinging from another computer on the same network. I was poking around the wg0.conf and although I don't know enough claim to know what I'm doing it appears the issue is coming from the PostUp=iptables command. Just for giggles I commented out the post up/down and started wireguard and my custom ip dockers continued to work. tower-diagnostics-20191013-1633.zip
  3. default via dev br0 dev wg0 scope link dev docker0 proto kernel scope link src dev br0 proto kernel scope link src dev virbr0 proto kernel scope link src linkdown
  4. I've tried multiple options for 'Peer type of access' if that is what you're referring to and it happens no matter what is selected. Actually I just deleted everything and setup a very basic server...just generated the keypair, applied changed and activated the server and as soon as I hit activate I was unable to ping a custom ip docker
  5. I understand why wireguard clients could have problems connecting to dockers with a custom ip, but why would that behavior change for devices that are on the same LAN (not using wireguard). If I try to ping one of the dockers with a custom ip from within the LAN (from -> the ping times out, but with wireguard inactive the ping is fine.
  6. I failed to be as specific as I should have...when wireguard is active I can't even access those dockers from my unraid server.
  7. I'm not sure if I've got something configured wrong or if it is working as designed but wireguard is working fine and clients can connect without issue however when wireguard is active I am unable to access any dockers that have a custom ip address (Custom : br0). As soon as I deactivate wireguard those dockers are accessible. Do I have something setup wrong or will they not work together?
  8. I was able to get it working without booting in to GUI mode. 6.6.7 and 6.7.0 GUI were booting fine in Legacy mode, but I was able to change to UEFI in the bios and then it booted fine without the GUI.
  9. Upgraded from 6.6.7 and now I can get to the web ui or ssh. Currently running headless so I’m working to hook up a monitor to see where it is running in to problems.... Well I was able to get it to boot in GUI mode, but when I try to load without the GUI it is getting stuck at "loading /bzroot...ok" I was able to downgrade and tried to upgrade again (I'm apparently asking for trouble), but it is getting stuck at the same spot.
  10. I was previously using a plugin to delay the start of my home-assistant docker until my mqtt vm was loaded, but since the plugin was depreciated with the release of 6.6.0 I've tried using the new 'wait' option, but noticed an issue. I had home-assistance wait set to 60 seconds, but it didn't actually wait...and then I noticed this is the system log. Oct 4 14:20:37 Tower rc.docker: home-assistant: started succesfully! Oct 4 14:20:37 Tower rc.docker: home-assistant: wait 60 seconds A little further down the next container started successfully, but 60 seconds after home-assistant. Am I misinterpreting the wait function? Is it not how long to wait before starting that container or is it how long to wait after it is started before the next is started (and if that is the case, are containers loaded in the order they show in the GUI)
  11. You can count me as another user unhappy with the new look. I love the feature updates, but the font, the color, the size...it all looks bad. I understand some will like the new “cool” look, but I’m not using Unraid as a cool toy and would prefer to have something that looks a bit more professional. I know a bad theme isn’t the end of the world, but I think you’d do better if you offered options for all of your users...those who want something flashy and those wanting a professional look. Just my opinion.