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  1. Sleep plugin issue (ignoring array disks) persists in Unraid 6.9.1. Costanza solution still working.
  2. I will try that and if it works we will call it the Costanza solution. -EDIT- The Costanza solution works.
  3. UPDATE - Fixed 3/13 in plugin update. Thanks! s3 sleep is broken in Unraid 6.9.0. Snippet from log - - - - - - - - - - - - Mar 2 16:04:49 htserv s3_sleep: version=3.0.7 Mar 2 16:04:49 htserv s3_sleep: ---------------------------------------------- Mar 2 16:04:49 htserv s3_sleep: included disks= Mar 2 16:04:49 htserv s3_sleep: excluded disks=sda sdb sdc sdd sde sdf sdg sdh sdi sdj sdk sdl Mar 2 16:04:49 htserv s3_sleep: ---------------------------------------------- Mar 2 16:04:49 htserv s3_sleep: s3_sleep process ID 30890 started, To terminate it, type: s3_sleep -q - - - - - - - - Wait for array is set to Yes, exclude cache - cache is sdi. Array goes to sleep after timeout even though disks are in use. Plugin worked in 6.8.3. Any thoughts?
  4. Zonediver's fix works for me on 6.8.3 now (at least the first try) . . .
  5. Same problem for me with 6.8.2. Now probably need to downoad 6.7.2. Any other suggestions?
  6. Had to set sleep plugin to 'Disable' during a preclear. Is this normal? The sleep plugin was set to monitor the specific disk outside the array which was being precleared. When I caught that the device had gone to sleep (twice), waking it up resumed the preclear. Not a problem, just an annoyance.
  7. How do you check this? With the system sleeping, neither LED on the ethernet port is on.
  8. Same problem with 6.7 (no WOL) and ethtool eth0 says pumbg for 'Supports wake-on' and g for Wake-on. Pushing the power button did wake up the system.
  9. Array activity seems to be fixed with 6.4.1 (works for me)
  10. Thanks SSD, never thought to do the HOSTS thing. Also, changed out a bad controller card, and have to rebuild parity again...
  11. I had a controller card flake out on me, and thought I lost my array (mini heart attack). Fortunately, I realized it was three drives (parity, cache, and one array drive) on the card. (Slight) problem once I got things fixed, my parity was disabled and I had to rebuild parity even though I had not changed anything in the array from before the problem. What I did: 1. PANIC (array wouldn't start, missing parity and cache drive (not assigned) and drive 7 (showed ID) 2. Determine problem, fix problem, reboot. 3. Array starts with parity disabled (red X on parity drive) 4. Stop array, restart...parity disabled. 5. Reboot. Array starts...parity disabled. 6. Stop array. Unassign parity. Re-assign parity (no option for 'parity is valid'). Restart array, parity rebuild. Not a huge issue, as rebuilding parity took about an hour longer than checking parity. One remaining issue, Windows no longer sees the unRaid by name on the network. Can still access by IP. (edit - this seems to be a Windows issue, don't know why it started suddenly)
  12. What I use is a Pi, running Minimserver to listen to music across my home network. Working on automatically syncing between it and my unRaid.
  13. Same problem with Sleep plugin. From syslog: Jan 21 08:23:39 htserv s3_sleep: ---------------------------------------------- Jan 21 08:23:39 htserv s3_sleep: included disks=sdh sdj Jan 21 08:23:39 htserv s3_sleep: excluded disks=sda sdb sdc sdd sde sdf sdg sdi sdk sdl The plugin is excluding discs that should be included ...
  14. Thanks, I did search in the forum but did not find it ..? I'll go back to my old sleep script. (edit - which works well in 6.4) **mods please delete this redundant thread thx** Especially now that it's fixed and appears to be working in UR 6.4.1