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  1. I am using linuxserver.io Plex docker with unraid nvidia plugin and switched to this plugin and hardware transcoding is fine and no other issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I am getting hardware transcoding with Linuxserver's Plex container. I came from beta 30(linuxserver nvidia plugin) to 35 using this plugin. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. OnlyOffice removed Web/mobile editing from version 5.5.0 of Community Document Server. OnlyOffice moved to payment tiers to enable editing on mobile devices. It was mentioned a few pages back in this thread. You can read more on this from Nextcloud forum from here.
  4. I am in the process of making a backup of cache. Once done i will use the command, and once again thanks for the help.
  5. Could you tell me the procedure for reformatting the cache drive. Thanks a lot for the help.
  6. diagnostics attached harshaunraid-diagnostics-20200505-1012.zip
  7. Hi, I am having btrfs device loop 2 errors. May 5 09:50:20 HarshaUNRAID kernel: BTRFS error (device loop2): bdev /dev/loop2 errs: wr 45, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 0, gen 0 May 5 09:50:20 HarshaUNRAID kernel: loop: Write error at byte offset 9176973312, length 4096. May 5 09:50:20 HarshaUNRAID kernel: print_req_error: I/O error, dev loop2, sector 17923776 I had this error yesterday and I removed the docker.img and recreated it. worked for a day and now I am getting the errors again. I also replaced the RAM from my desktop, thinking it was the fault. Please help
  8. Just a heads up OnlyOffice removed Web/mobile editing from version 5.5.0 of Community Document Server. Please take a look at the Next cloud forum here. I tried opening office document in iOS app and got the warning of viewing only, I am able to edit in desktop browser just not in mobile browser/app. I am running seperate only office docker.
  9. I had the same problem, I solved it by setting in admin panel the Domain Url to my domain. And I use cloudflare so for "Client IP header" I set "CF-Connecting-IP". Now I am able to download from both web vault and mobile app.
  10. Please look at the attached thread https://forums.unraid.net/index.php?/topic/87517-Plex-not-showing-posters-or-reverse-proxying-correctly%2E&share_type=t&link_source=app Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. For the Metadata part please do the following (taken from Plex Forums that worked for me) 1. Stop PMS 2. Delete the HTTPCookies file under the Plug-in Support (the agents) 3. Start PMS 4. Refresh All Metadata 5. Give it time to walk through. For me the HTTPCookies files are in Plug-in Support/Data folder. Delete only the HTTPCookies files that are located in each folder. After doing that the Movies and TV shows Posters started populating. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. That is weird my network.cfg file after upgrade to 6.7.0 # Generated network settings USE_DHCP="yes" IPADDR= NETMASK= GATEWAY= BONDING="yes" BRIDGING="yes" I thought that might be the problem and i changed the file
  13. Here you go, Please make a backup of your config/network.cfg file before making any changes # Generated settings: IFNAME[0]="br0" BRNAME[0]="br0" BRSTP[0]="no" BRFD[0]="0" BRNICS[0]="eth0" PROTOCOL[0]="ipv4" USE_DHCP[0]="yes" DHCP_KEEPRESOLV="no" USE_DHCP6[0]="yes" DHCP6_KEEPRESOLV="no" SYSNICS="1" I have a single Realtek 8168 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet. I don't have any VMs as of now and only few dockers. I am not sure if these settings will work for you or not and some of the settings might be different for you. I have a backup of the flash drive when WOL was working and I just used that. I haven't made any setting changes or installed any new plugins as well. With the above network.cfg file WOL is working again for me Whats weird is that after upgrading to 6.7.0 the network.cfg has just a few lines compared to the file in 6.6.7
  14. When I used the command WOL works for that instance and is not persistent. IAfter restart again WOL doesn't work. I read in here in other old thread to reset network settings to deleted the network.cfg file, I deleted the file and it made no difference for me. I had a flash backup of 6.6.7 where WOL was working, I added the few lines that were missing in the network.cfg in 6.7.0 and WOL is working. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Yes the ethernet link is active and when i restore back to 6.6.7 WOL is woking.