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  1. I've been having an issue where I receive the attached error message after logging into the web UI. The only fix is to restart, as nothing is accessible beyond that point. Any idea what might be causing this? (Diagnostics included as well.) es-unraid-diagnostics-20210115-0824.zip
  2. Looks like I'm having the exact same issue with Radarr that some other folks were having, but I don't see a resolution for it in this thread. I have reverse proxies set up for Sonarr and Radarr in NGINX Proxy Manager almost identically (both with a scheme of 'http'), with the only difference between their port. Both work great. I began following this guide (which is fantastic, by the way - thank you) to set up Authelia and was successfully able to route Sonarr through Authelia on the first try. However, when I perform the exact same steps with Radarr and Por
  3. Wow, uploading the files made me realize I was making a terrible mistake - the tunnel with the most recent updated settings was set to inactive. It now works once activated! Sorry for the false alarm. Edit: I can now establish a handshake, but I still can't connect to anything within the network. Any thoughts? Screenshots attached.
  4. I recently installed the Wireguard plugin and used both instructional guides I found on the Unraid forums as well as the official Unraid instructions to install it, but I can't get any peers to work (I've tried remote access to LAN and remote tunneled access). I've followed the instructions exactly as written, and also performed the following steps: Reset my router's IP address distribution/subnet/addresses to be, etc. instead of, etc. (This was a major pain in the ass but I'm hoping it will have been worth it moving forward.) Toggled
  5. Can you advise what running a scrub is or how to do it? I'm not sure what that means and the linked post doesn't go into details into what running a scrub entails other than correcting issues.
  6. Thanks for the response. I was already using that script, which is what notified me there were errors. I may have accidentally unplugged one of the cache SSDs while the system was still on (long story), so I reset the stats per the post you linked to and will wait to see if any further errors occur (unless there's something I manually need to run to fix it after having run into an issue like that).
  7. I bought a new HDD and had to reconfigure some things in my case last night to add it and tidy things up, and after rebooting, my two-SSD BTRFS cache started throwing errors (although both were existing and working fine before). I unplugged and replugged them back in to make sure everything was seated correctly and they were. Any thoughts on what might be happening here? emrys-diagnostics-20200828-0725.zip
  8. Unfortunately not. They remove anything in the folder, regardless of what the metadata settings are set to. You can preserve things on import (from the folder being downloaded/imported), but any existing files are trashed.
  9. I run Sonarr and Radarr, which automatically remove any existing files from movie folders when they upgrade a movie folder. I'd like to lock them out (via file permissions) from being able to edit jpg/png/nfo files. Is this possible in Unraid?
  10. How can I update to the latest stable version of PMS 1.20 using this container? I don't want to be on the beta release because I don't want to test new features or bugs, but I'd like access to the new Plex Movie agent and installing this container from community apps only pulls down v1.19.
  11. I'm currently using the binhex-Plex Docker container instead of this one (I do have the lifetime Plex Pass) and am interested in the new Plex movie scanner introduced in v1.20. The regular binhex-Plex container is still on 1.19 so I'm contemplating upgrading to binhex-plexpass so I can take advantage of the new scanner. Is this version actually prone to experiencing bugs and issues that might pop up, given it's on the faster release track? And would I be able to maintain all of my settings if I backed up the Plex Media Server folder from the regular version and restored
  12. Unfortunately the rogue folder is empty, so that isn't much help.
  13. Any idea where I can start digging to find out why this is happening? I checked the Docker configs and nothing there references a 'Media' folder. And I checked user scripts as well - nothing there.
  14. Edit: All of my disks show the 'media' folder, but only disk 3 shows the 'Media' folder. Can I delete it? I'm not sure if that will make a difference considering 'media' isn't listed under Shares in the web UI - only 'Media' is. Also, attached are my diagnostics. emrys-diagnostics-20200813-1032.zip