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  1. i used default settings, not sure what you mean by passthrough on a usb controller, how would i install a hotplug if mouse and keyboard dont work?
  2. i can access the terminal in unraid but not my vm's, what the heck!
  3. How do i troubleshoot this? I attached some logs, any help would be greatly appreciative
  4. how can i prevent this from happening again? Can i export the logs somewhere else?
  5. it worked fine before i updated to 6.8, browser shouldnt matter
  6. i get this too so much for great tech support right?
  7. Parameters are the same as my other vm that works fine, however when i try to connect to it via VNC, i am getting the following error Uncaught SyntaxError: The requested module '../core/util/browser.js' does not provide an export named 'isSafari'
  8. How do i find the username and passwords? Also, if i am using home-assistant in a separete vm what is the ip address of the docker image? Routing Table PROTOCOLROUTEGATEWAYMETRICDELETE IPv4default192.168.1.254 via br0210 IPv4172.17.0.0/16docker01 IPv4172.30.32.0/23hassio1 IPv4192.168.1.0/24br0210 IPv4192.168.122.0/24virbr01
  9. how does the share know to reference my folders? it would be nice if everything related to my "movies" folder could be /tower/Movies
  10. Currently, i have a two drives on my server, mnt 1 and a mnt 2, my tv shows are in here: /mnt/disk2/Media/TV/ does this have my disk 1 or disk 2 only? I thought when i set this up it was a mesh of both drives, i also have /mnt/disk2/Media/Movies which have my movies in it when i navigate to /MNT/DISK1/TV theres nothing there so i assume it is merged because the drive is about half full, i am pretty new to unraid so any advice or knowledge shared my way would be very helpful! Sigh... my shit is a mess, i apparently have a media/movies here too /MNT/DISK1/MEDIA/MOVIES
  11. I have a trial version running already, not sure why this is so difficult, this has got to be those most ridiculous process to do in order to purchase a key
  12. quite the opposite in my case, the array is started, but i can't see my docker apps, can't figure out the life of me how to purchase a key
  13. there no "buy" option doesn't seem to work either, keep getting, "Must be exactly 27 chars just appears"
  14. can i not see my docker (apps) if im past my trial date?
  15. Unraid seems to be working fine, but this error message keeps repeating itself, is the drive going bad?