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  1. You have to define a custom path. You are supposed to define the container path as /archive and then map the host path to a folder on a share. Unfortunately when I have tried this I assigned it to folder like \mnt\usr\Receipts\Archived\ but it starts creating folders within folders within folders all with whatever the folder name you give it. I kept clicking through the folders about 50 times and never did find the end, so I have no clue how many folders it created.
  2. It appears to be an issue with this version of elasticsearch. I was finally able to get it working after switching to 7.6.0.
  3. Try disabling turbo-write and see if that solves the issue. Turbo-write needs to read from ALL drives when writing, so even if the data is on a drive that is NOT being written to it's still being utilized. Also, download the netdata docker. If the CPU usage is probably I/O wait, which as I understand it is just the system waiting on your the hdds.
  4. After modifying my search terms and searching for what to do for a USB failure I think I have found my solution. As long as I assign the drives the same as my current install unRAID should recognize them and work just fine. I am nervous about losing my data, so I would still welcome any advice on this.
  5. My trial is almost up and I am ready to purchase a full license, but I have I am not sure how to proceed. I messed up some stuff with this install and I would prefer to start from scratch, but I don't want to lose all the data on my drives. How can I migrate the data drives to a new install without losing any data? I don't mind if I have to rebuild the parity drive, but I definitely don't want to lose the data on my data drives.
  6. I am new to unRaid, and still in my trial period. Over the past few weeks I have come home to my array stopped and at the bottom left of the screen it says: Array Stopped: Too Many Devices I have 5 drives. 1x 64gb cache drive, 1x 4gb cache drive and 3x 4gb storage drives
  7. I recently began getting the error below when searching to add new movies, no matter what I am searching for. There Was An Error Searching For 'Star'. If the movie title contains non-alphanumeric characters try removing them, otherwise try your search again later. "Star" was just an example. I get the same error no matter what I try to search for. I have not made any changes to my setup, everything worked fine until the past day or so. Any suggestions?