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  1. 1. Are you trying to access to second map from a VM on the same UnRaid server, another machine in the LAN, or from an external source? - i bought the game for a secondary steam account, and i use that account in unraid, and we play from external pcs on the server1/map1 with other steam accounts. (download from steam works well) but server2 was not visible in ARK game clients. (i know there are 16000+ servers, so ive tried to find it many times ) 2. What ports are your internal config files pointed to on your second map? Probably this is the problem. Thank you for the quesstion! ive found 2 configs: ShooterGame/Config/DefaultEngine.ini [OnlineSubsystemSteam] GameServerQueryPort=27015 ShooterGame\Saved\Config\LinuxServer\GameUserSettings.ini [ServerSettings] RCONPort=27020 i tried to change these without success. Based on this Should i change these? Should i change something somewhere else ? Basically.. when i try to a run server, 1., reDownload or Copy the container. - SteamCMD is the same, i use only one steamCMD location, for eg. appdata/streamcmd - Game itself is separated, i use a secondary folder, for eg. appdata/ark-se-2 2. Delete every ports from the template 3. Create new ports (version "A") Container port -> Host port 7777 -> 7779 UDP 7778 ->7780 UDP 27015 ->27016 UDP 27020 -> 27021 TCP or. (version "B") 7779 -> 7779 UDP 7780 ->7780 UDP 27016 -> 27016 UDP 27021 -> 27021 TCP Then., when i use version B., i change these: GameServerQueryPort=27015 change to 27016 RCONPort=27020 change to 27021 And port forward in the router. i fill the other settings, server name/pass..etc but probably these are OK, i learnt it when i ran the first server (and th again, if i can fix this with your help, ill definitely write a "how to" docs for the other noobs like me.. )
  2. Could you help me please, whats wrong with my setup ? I have read the whole tread in the last 5 hours but i couldn't find the fix. My problem: I have one running server, (this is cool, thank you for the template) now i want to create a second running server on another map. As the first step, tried to start it on the same map, as a test but the second server is not visible in ARK game, or it does not work correctly. I tried to use the recommended ports (Server game instance 2 7779 7780 27016 27021) from here, then i tried to use different ports (3320x) based on a few screenshots from this thread. And i tried to use the the same appdata/ark-se folder in Server2 too. (Port forwarding triple checked too.. ) Do you have an idea ? Thank you!
  3. Yes:) and this is my problem. step by step.. fresh install. 0. remove rutorrent, clean appdata. 1. CA / find rutorrent / press download 2. On the "Add container" screen i set the following ("edit configuration") Select container path.. Container path:/Torrenthost path:/mnt/user/DataArray/ 3. Save, Apply. (now i have a clean rutorrent) 4. Start WebUI and add new torrent >>>>> wrong save path appears on the webUI. So the next-next finish "installer" in this new/updated version does not work correclty. and thank you btw, ill try to modify manually the rutorrent.rc
  4. 2 independent unraid server, same issue with rutorrent update, without any changes(!). remove, reinstall, remove appdata, reinstall with default path settings, edit path ..somewhere else, "/" without "/" , etc -> nothing.. so. is it possible to revert? ive installed other clients (qbit, transmission) and everything went fine.
  5. "If that is all the mappings.. " heres what i mean
  6. hello, i can not modify the following folder: Save path on the webUI: /downloads/incoming (right click, save to.. and nothing happens, i think the correct webui save path should be: /incoming/ ) unraid container settings: Container path: /Torrent/ host path: /mnt/user/DataArray/ the second issue is, (transmisson worked fine on the same port settings) 51413 (default) "port is closed" appears and download progress (and seed, the seed shouldnt be working on the "wrong" path settings..) does not work. it was working fine in the last week.. but (since the last update?) it has been broken somewhere.. (is it possilbe to revert "manually" from unraid CA ? ) thank you!
  7. Mega Client Docker pleae