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  1. thank you for offering your input. i appreciate this. i always update all sas controllers to the latest ( firmware before running in my server. the cables are new. still problems with this disk as an UD. but i am currently preclearing this disk. did a full read of the disk and now at 20% zeroing without any hardware change. update: the disk pre-cleared without issues. but i did double check the firmware on my two LSI SAS HBA's. the 8i was updated to the latest ( but the 16e was not ( my bad. not sure how i missed that. but
  2. changed the UUID in UD. and did a little bit of reading up on this. post if more issues. thank you.
  3. how can i figure out what is causing the mount points to duplicate? i just deleted the mount point and reformatted the disk. the same mount point returns.
  4. the drive is running off a 9201-16e via sas-to-sata breakout cables. prior to this issue never had a problem. a bunch of drives running off this controller now without any problems. for some reason this drive in UD is a problem. drive itself passes smart tests.
  5. this disk continues to be a problem in UD. ever since this issue, i cannot use this disk in UD. it appears fine, then i copy files to it. the disk then drops out, in, out, in, out, etc. then some kind of error. here is one i got today.
  6. no, i did not enter a "?" mark in the mount point. a physical disk. so, the "?unassigned_disk4" mount point does not show up in the UD. it is the one i changed. new is in circled in red above. but i can see old one when navigating (/mnt/disks/) Krusader or MC. but cannot delete it due to permissions. was going to change permissions, then delete but wanted to get your input first.
  7. i changed the mount point of an unassigned disk. noticed that the old mount point with a "?" mark in front of it is showing when browsing MC and when browsing Krusader. how to get rid of this? thanks.
  8. testing privoxy in this docker was getting dns different than endpoint using wireguard. found these pia nextgen gen custom dns here. edited container, adding as first dns. now dns leak test shows dns matching endpoint.
  9. need to add a host path to this container. here's an example: otherwise everything else as default. works just fine. thanks to the team for another excellent container.
  10. i notice slow speeds during between 7 am and 5 pm, i think do to work/school from home loads on network. i think my isp is traffic shaping. full speeds for me after 10 pm for sure, usually sooner. you could try with/without your vpn enabled to see if that's part of the slow down. just use ssl connections.
  11. Steps 1-3 in this post should do it. (double check in the edit menu of SAB container that "privileged" is toggled "on.") binhex also explains here in Q21.
  12. 1. click on SABnzbdvpn edit. 2. double check pia user name/pasword used. must be the same credentials you use to login to pia web account. 3. double check that the lan network is correct: xx.xx.xx.0/24. (saw your logs show /24 lan. just make sure you are using the right local ip.) 4. strict port forwarding: yes 5. privoxy: yes (some have reported issues with privoxy off and no access. this should be fixed but worth trying, since yours is off.) 6. click apply. Lastly, consider switching from OVPN to Wireguard. I started having problems with OV
  13. try nzbhydra2. indexers go inside nzbhydra2. then *arrs only see one indexer, namely nzbhydra2. lots of graphs, etc. in nzbhydra2.