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  1. DoItMyselfToo

    cunfusion with drive and share location

    First, set each share to exclude disk 1. Then, I recommend using Binhex-Krusader docker to move the files from disk 1 to disk x. When moving data, you must ONLY do a disk to disk move. Never a share to disk. Do you have Binhex-Krusader installed? I would be happy to share my settings with you to easily get Binhex-Krusader docker up and running. Let me know.
  2. DoItMyselfToo

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0 available

    Yes! I created a separate email account just for this purpose. It sends the alerts to my regular email. But I have a full history of all messages in the dedicated account.
  3. Upgraded to dual Xeon, so here's where I'm at now.
  4. No. It isn't an issue of SATA vs SAS. It has to do with the way SSD's work and the unRAID OS keeping track of where the data is located on the SSD. I recommend searching more about SSD's on the array. Now, keep in mind that some people have used SSD's on the array. But, if you have problems, unRAID has been clear that it is not supported. As for SSD's on SAS for cache, SAS2008 doesn't support TRIM. So, you want the SSD cache drives on a SATA III controller. I've used a couple different SATA III PCIe cards. This 2 port SATA III card (SY-PEX40039) is in my current unRAID server for by cache pool and works great. It supports TRIM. Although, you might get errors the first two times TRIM runs. The trick is to force TRIM to run two or three times. After that, no issues. Also, keep in mind that when there are errors, it can sometimes be a bad SATA cable. Or the cable is not seated cleanly at the drive or controller. I would just make sure the cables are connected properly when installing, and then run TRIM two or three times. If after that you get errors on one or both drives, then consider replacing the cables. Personally, I recommend these cables because I find they put little to no tension/torque on the drive or conroller. (Note: I don't get any kind of affiliate, etc., from the links above. I am using these products and they work great and want to share my experience with others in this community.)
  5. UnRAID does not support SSD’s in the array. So your parity and data drives should be standard platter hard drives. The SATA II spec is 300MB/s. But a platter drive cannot reach that speed. So SATA II will be more than adequate for all data/parity drives. Cache drives/pools on the other hand should be set up using SSD’s because of their speed. And they are supported in unRAID for this purpose. SATA III spec is 600MB/s, and SSD’s can get close or reach these speeds so SSD’s should be on SATA III controllers. Note: these are specified speeds and not actual speeds in real world application accounting for overhead. But it’s late and I’m typing this on mobile. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. DoItMyselfToo

    [6.6.1] Any way to monitor CPU temp (Solved)

    If you have IPMI, then you can use the IPMI plugin. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. For standard hdd’s, no. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks for chiming in. I really do appreciate you. As for the "problem" at hand, it's just plain weird. A week ago, I used a couple cheap cables I had lying around. I got some error or other. I ran TRIM several times, and the main cache drive sorted out, so no errors. But the second cache drive had the same error persist. I figured the second cable was bad. So, I bought new cables and ran TRIM. I got errors on both drives. I posted here and then remembered the thing about running TRIM a couple times. So I did that and now errors are absent for both cache drives. I don't know why. Lol.
  9. I did a little more searching and came across this post. The bottom line is this issue resolved itself for the OP after running TRIM twice. So, I rain trim twice. It appears that the issue is not presenting in the system log. I'm not sure why.
  10. DoItMyselfToo

    After changing the Cache-SSD, errors in syslog

    I did a little more searching and came across this post. The bottom line is this issue resolved itself after running TRIM twice. So, I rain trim twice. It appears that the issue is not presenting in the system log.
  11. DoItMyselfToo

    After changing the Cache-SSD, errors in syslog

    Curious how this all turned out or if you found a solution. I think I might be having a similar problem.
  12. Attached logs. I'm getting this error on both of my Samsung 860 EVO cache drives (BTRFS cache pool) upon running TRIM. Initially, the cache drives were connected to my onboard SAS (LSI 2008), but apparently TRIM is not supported via this connection. So I bought a PCIe 2xSATA card from the unRAID approved hardware list. It's an IO Crest SY-PEX40039. I also bought new cables from CableCreations on Amazon. I tested the cables on a standard HDD with no issues. From my searching, it sounds like these errors are least likely from a bad SSD drive and more likely a problem with the cables or the PCIe SATA card. What do you see as the real problem/solution? Thanks in advance. Any guidance is appreciated. diagnostics-20180928-1406.zip
  13. DoItMyselfToo

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Thank you for looking at this. I definitely run unBalance exclusively. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. DoItMyselfToo

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Curios what the verdict is with unBalance and empty folders.
  15. DoItMyselfToo

    [SOLVED] NextCLoud No webUI access

    Excellent! I've done the exact same thing before. This install was a lot of steps. You should feel accomplished!