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  1. FYI - the sysstat package is available in the Nerd Pack plugin.
  2. removed calibre. deleted the appdata. reinstalled. but changed the host path for container "/books" to "/mnt/disk2/media/books" and it works, instead of "/mnt/user/media/books".
  3. thank you for looking at this. helps to have fresh eyes. i haven't done anything different. filled in all the paths, ports, etc. the problem arises with The Calibre Welcome Wizard, after successfully logging into guac. when i change the container library path from "/config" to "/books" the database either just plain fails or is corrupted. if i choose repair, it doesn't work. but if i choose the default "/config" then it works.
  4. it shows the content of my "/media" share, including the subfolder "books".
  5. and that makes sense. for some reason, i cannot get calibre to let me either make the database at "/books" or move it there after. any suggestions?
  6. looking at the default paths in the linuxserver.io calibre container, calibre puts a copy of the books in the calibre llibrary located in the appdata folder, so what is the purpose of container path "/books,"
  7. I was curious whether Intel Quick Sync is available in Unmanic, as I have it installed in unRAID and enabled in Plex with fantastic results. Searching this thread I didn't find what I was looking for, but when installing Unmanic, I noticed that the info for enabling Intel Quick Sync in Unmanic is noted. Here are the steps; Note: for a step-by-step guide for enabling Quick Sync and editing the Go file, look at the first post here in the Plex Hardware Acceleration Guide, by @lotetreemedia. Though QuickSync (/dev/dri) is working for Plex and Handbrake, so far I'm unable to get Unmanic to use Quick Sync. Anyone else get it working?
  8. Installed the update a couple days ago which solved the problem. Thank you.
  9. Take a look here: https://github.com/nextcloud/updater/issues/135
  10. After updating Nextcloud, login to the WebUI and navigate to "Settings - Overview". This is where you verify that the update was successful. There is a possibility there will be some errors present from the install. If you see either of these errors, simply run their prospective (highlighted) commands in the Nextcloud console, without quotes. The last line of output from running the above "missing indices" command will be: oc_properties table updated successfully. The last line of output from running the above "missing columns" command will be: Comments table updated successfully. At this point simply refresh the page "Settings - Overview" in the Nextcloud WebUI to clear the errors.
  11. Just want to share in case anyone else had an issue recently when updating via command line. Previously, I would execute the commands in the first post for manual update in the Nextcloud console by simply copying and pasting the full command, one after the other. Today, when updating Nextcloud, I pasted this command in the Nextcloud console: docker exec -it nextcloud occ maintenance:mode --on And received this error: sh: docker: not found Then I noticed the Nextcloud console header: So, I removed "docker exec -it nextcloud" from each command, and the update process worked flawlessly. There must have been a change recently, because the last time I updated via command line was within the last month or so, and I did not have to modify each command when updating via the Nextcloud console, but I did have to do that today. It appears the commands were updated about 21 hours ago as of this post. So, the new commands appear to be written expecting one to execute them via the unRAID command line, instead of the Nextcloud console.
  12. Thanks Squid for your quick reply. I'm running unRAID 6.8.3 also, and CA 05.27.2020. Hmmm? I can confirm it is not working correctly for me. Maybe a reboot will resolve the issue. I'll report back if it does.
  13. I'm on the latest CA. When searching the app's tab, the searches would auto-complete. Looking at new apps today, noticed that the searches do not auto-complete. Is this a change or a bug? Thanks.