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  1. Having docker support is my current favorite feature of unraid. For 2020 it would be nice to have multiple cache pools.
  2. Hey thanks for the feedback. It turns out I wasn't testing the dropdowns on Firefox which allows for css stylized selects but on Chrome which uses the native UI gui elements. I've updated the github to fix the changes.
  3. I am a fan of dark themes and I made this earlier tonight using the Dark Reader google extension as a base and then generated a dark sepia theme from it. Here are the installation instructions. Let me know if I missed anything or if it needs some more tweaks.
  4. A note for someone who has the same issue, the LSI SAS HBA 9201-8i uses the same firmware as the 9210-8i NOT 9210-16i. To update download the sas2flash program from and then download which after unzipping will give you 2108it.bin.
  5. I ran into lot's of issues trying to get the pi-hole port 53 working correctly. I was using br0 for my interface with a custom fixed ip address. I had to change Key 7: (INTERFACE) to eth0 as inside the docker image it didn't see the br0 interface but eth0. Don't be afraid to run ifconfig inside the container to see what interface it is listening on. I hope this helps anyone looking for recent fixes.
  6. If you can go older, I recently picked up an E5-2680v2 (10 core, 20 thread, 2.8ghz) for $150 to $200. But it's an older lga 2011 server grade chip. A single chip scores 15000 on passmark ( And dual chips about 23000. It's hard to beat that for under $400.
  7. I've been looking into improving my cache disk, right now I have a 500gb mx300 ssd over SATA3 but I am wanting to improve the read/write performance because I am running a lot of docker containers off of it and it seems to be a bottleneck at times with large amounts of dating coming and going. Would it be possible to use the Startech NVMe PCIe3 x4 adapter with an NVMe based ssd as a cache disk? Or should I go for something with higher random IOPS? Thanks, Below are the two products I'm looking at.
  8. I'm running into a strange issue. When editing a script and then clicking "run in background" the newly edited script does not get run, but the older revision does. It took me touching the file in /tmp in order to get the script updated.