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  1. Ha, now I feel dumb. I was searching for the base URL everywhere and just found it... I probably spent around an hour fussing with different things trying to fix all my issues.
  2. @falconexe Hopefully this helps resolve some of the broken image links. When I r-clicked on the docker/vm icons and opened in new tab I noticed that the IP address it directed me to was, which is not the IP of my server. I pulled the json file and ran a search for that IP and found it hard coded on lines 519, 574, 628, 682, 11280, and 12056. Changing the IP to match my server's fixed all the broken image links. Though with that said, I saw the post where the grafana image plugin developer had implemented that ability and you were thinking of adding it for 1.7. In the mean time I hope this helps some of the other people having issues.
  3. I know this is an old post, so my apologies on the revival. But I wanted to say, THANK YOU @k2x8! I've been searching off and on for weeks trying to find an answer as to why UNRAID couldn't/wouldn't show the interfaces for my Intel 10G 2P X520. I knew the card worked since I could pass it through to VM's with no issues. It was just UNRAID that couldn't use it. I'd tried all the modules I had lying around (Dell, Cisco, UniFi, Axiom, 10GTek). After adding "ixgbe.allow_unsupported_sfp=1,1,1" to the syslinux configuration, I am now able to run utilize 10Gb. Thank you again for not giving up and posting your answer once found!
  4. SOLVED: I figured out that the page wasn't updating because I had a manual vdisk path that was linked by-id to a physical drive. Apparently unRAID isn't sure how to handle that. If I set the vdisk back to Auto and make my changes, click update, then go back and change the vdisks back to the manual link in the XML edit mode, all my changes stick. The update button stops functioning again because of the paths, but once everything is setup I should need to change settings again. I'm having the same issue. Whether or not I change the VM's settings, as soon as I hit update the button grays out and then nothing happens. Refreshing the page resets the settings to how they were previously. I can edit them in advanced mode but that isn't supper useful. Tried in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and their incognito/private modes.
  5. Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone has experienced something like what is happening to me. The other day we had a power outage and my server went down. When it came back up my MineOS docker's data was all gone. As sad as I was to loose all the progress my wife and I had made, we hadn't done much so I made a new server and we went on our way. Unfortunately we lost power again and all the data was wiped again... I decided to do some testing. If I create server(s) and force stop and start the docker. The data remains, some of the time. If I restart the docker, the data gets wiped every time. At this point I am looking to buy a UPS just to prevent power loss. I've also started to create backups of the entire MineOS to one of my unRAID shares. So if I do loose the data, I don't have to re-download and recreate everything. I made a post, here, in unRAID general support if you want to look at the logs.
  6. Hey everyone! I've been running unRAID for a couple of weeks maybe a month and everything has been great. I still need to order some drives so I can have parity.... but that is a different problem. The other night we had a power outage and now my MinecraftOS Docker is missing all the servers. I browsed to the container's location in appdata and it looks like the servers are just gone. Am I missing something or is there any hope that my servers are still there just not accessible? Thanks! Edit 1: My server is running unRAID 6.6.1 Edit 2: Well.... It happened again. We are having a lot of heavy rain storms and the power went out again. So, I'm ordering a UPS to prevent this. But UGH! Edit 3: I rebooted the docker MinecraftOS and it dumped my server again. Attached newest diag, tower-diagnostics-20181013-2215.zip. tower-diagnostics-20181013-2215.zip