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  1. Got any updates on it ? I'm experiencing the same, but I can open the console and run the update script via cmd within the container just fine.
  2. There should be a "Delete Tunnel" Button in the lower right corner, after you have enabled advanced view..?
  3. Hey I've been playing with the plugin and came across limiting the peer devices access to my local networks. It nice to have a "Local tunnel firewall" option to give just access to speciffic ip addresses. But is there a simple way via the plugin to limit that access even more ? e.g. Local tunnel network pool devices can only connect to local ip with port x
  4. Is anybody here, who is running a CI/CD pipeline to test, build and push your own docker images on your unRAID server and would like to share your experience and/or setup?
  5. Hey I hope this is the right forum thread for my question I would like to run a PBX software in a Docker Container and my IT guy recommended me to use a dedicated ethernet port, because it would be a better experience in relation to voice quality, etc. However, I am using the Supermicro - X11SSH-CTF, which has two ethernet ports, so I am asking myself how can I isolate or dedicate one of those ports to one specific Docker Container ? Hope you can help me out 😊 Edit: Or is it as easy as just selecting one eth0 for one container and eth1 for all the others ? Will unraid (webgui, etc) be operational on both interfaces instead of one ?
  6. I also had such a assumption, but was not sure. Glad to hear it is not just me having the issue with the given configuration, although you are not even able to connect to it. Is there also a new share showing up with your currently used username at the same time ? However, I am staying with home as share name and everything is working as it should. ?
  7. Let's start again, hoping that I am less confusing with my description. I created a share called homes, that would be located at /mnt/user/homes. While browsing on my Windows machine via smb to the servers ip address, there is the previously created share homes (\\IP\homes). But there is also automatically a share called the same as the current user that is logged in via smb (\\IP\username) and this share is pointing to the created homes share (\\IP\homes). Any idea why that is ? PS: I renamed the user share homes to home and the automatically appearing user dir samba share has disappeared.
  8. Hey, I have created a user share called homes with subdirectories user1, user2, etc. and after adding a network drive to windows explorer for user1 (\\IP\homes\user1) everything seems fine. But now I noticed, when I open \\IP in windows explorer, to see all available network shares, there is a share called user1 (\\IP\user1) which is the same as \\IP\homes ? If it would be \\IP\homes\user1, I would think unRAID creates user shares for each specific user automatically, but I do not understand this case. Hope you can help. Thanks.
  9. Okay Thanks. ? Then manually it is ?
  10. Hey :D I wanted to play a bit with the Docker Repositories locally, so I added a URL from my local Gitea Repo (http://[IP]:3000/[organization]/unRaid.Docker-Templates) In this Gitea Repo the structure is as followed: - .gitignore - README.md - container1.xml - container2.xml - ... But when I am clicking on 'Add Container' under the Docker tab, my Templates are not listed in the drop down. An idea why that is ?
  11. Did you set the fan thresholds with the sensor config editor? As followed:
  12. Hey, I've got a problem and I can not get on with the solution. I am using a X11SSH-CTF as MB and want to toggle the fan speed automatic, depending on CPU and/or HDD temperature. So I installed the ipmitools via the Nerd Tools Plugin and afterwards the IMPI Plugin. I am getting RPM of the fans and a bunch of other values, but after enabling the Fan Control, nothing happens and the fans keep spinning at full speed. This is the generated log: 2018-06-17 10:53:36 Starting Fan Control 2018-06-17 10:53:36 Setting fans to full speed 2018-06-17 10:53:36 Fan:Temp, FAN1234( 2%):HDD Temp(28°C), FANA( 2%):HDD Temp(28°C) I have selected the shortest polling time intervals in the drop down so this log should update every 10sec/1min, but nothing happens.