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  1. I just edited the docker and changed the docker path from the old one to the new one: linuxserver/hydra2 to linuxserver/nzbhydra2 Then just save it, and it'll update the stuffs and be all set - don't need to copy/move/config anything! Don't forget to go to advanced mode and edit the Docker Hub URL too! (from experience, ahem)
  2. Alright, found the device IDs, added them (both the video and audio portions) to syslinux file (added it to the bottom of the global config part) rebooted the server and still can't get a VM to boot with the card passed through... Just not sure where to go from here!
  3. This kinda stuff usually works or it doesn't - so I think yer clearly on the works side of things I'm doing both enc/dec and on 6.8!
  4. FWIW I'm running a P2200 for Plex without issue...
  5. I’ll try connecting via IP (can’t recall if that’s how I’m doing it or not...) and see how it goes. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Now this is what I was looking for! I’ll be trying it this weekend and will report back! Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for the reply - but I don't think that's what he was referring to. There's a "stub" command you can set for specific devices which seems to make the host OS ignore them? I've seen it mentioned a few times in the forum but no clear process on how to do it. Like what file is edited, etc...
  8. Alright, I can't seem to find much on how to stub something. Anybody willing to point me to a guide or something? Thanks!
  9. I'm pretty sure I'm seeing something similar. Seems to be 6.8 + Catalina as I definitely wasn't seeing it on 6.7.2.
  10. I'll look into how to do that! Thanks for the pointer!
  11. Hi! This plugin is FANTASTIC - thank you! I'm successfully using it with my dockers, but I can't seem to get a 2nd card to successfully passthrough to VM's. This plugin wouldn't interfere with passing a GPU through to a VM would it? To be clear, I have 2 cards in my box - one is setup to work with a docker app, the other is not and is to be passed through. I can use each card with dockers just fine, and while they show up as passthroughable to VMs, the VM's never boot when they're attached. Any ideas/pointers? Thanks!
  12. Interesting! Yeah, finally ended up just rebooting it, and all is well after that. Hopefully it was just a one-time fluke. And yep - been using unraid for about a year and a half and it's been incredibly solid. Thanks for the reply!
  13. ahhhh, fascinating. Thanks for the info
  14. This is so bizarre to me - what causes the name change on the EFI folder?
  15. There is one from 2 days ago - maybe this might point us in the right direction? unraid-diagnostics-20191210-1646.zip
  16. Yeah, I'd love to! When I run the command "diagnostics" it just seems to hang - should I just let it go? How long could that process take? I've had it sit for about 15 mins and nada. Thanks!
  17. Hi, Unraid's been running for a few days without issue, but as of yesterday I get a 504 error when attempting to access the console. All my dockers and shares are functioning normally - so the server otherwise seems fine. I can ssh in, and have tried running the "diagnostics" command, but it too just seems to hang. I've let it sit for about 15 mins before canceling it. I did manage to get a copy of the syslog.txt (attached) Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you! syslog.txt.zip
  18. thanks all - yeah, I'll start a new one. Created! Appreciate the help!
  19. hmm, I'm seeing something similar - server is up and running just fine (and had been for a few days) but get a 504 error when loading the webconsole. Any way to restart that without rebooting? I'll post diagnostics as soon as I can snag them through ssh. Is there a command for that? struggling to find it... Running 6.7.2 (Nvidia) Thanks!
  20. alright, not sure WHY it didn't work the first time - but impossible to know at this point. Found this command and it did the trick for anyone who may run into this issue in the future! In terminal from the web console (or ssh): rsync -avh --progress Source/ Destination/ One that's done (and you've verified the data looks good!) delete the data from the shares.
  21. yeah, disabled dockers/vm's and started mover - nada. What's the best method to move it? maybe a fancy rsync command?
  22. Yep, I did that for the first move. Would disabling it all again and trying again maybe work/help?
  23. Hi! So I did a big upgrade of hardware this weekend which included updating to new cache drives - so I set the share to prefer cache to "Yes" ran the mover and it moved everything back to the array. Perfect. Then I created the new cache drives and switched the shares back to "Prefer", hit the mover and a few hours later, things were back. Well, most of the things. There's many many files left on the array still and running the mover again does nothing. Any ideas why a bunch of stuff on the same share (say appdata) won't move? How can I move it - using Krusader or something is pretty difficult as nearly all of the folders were created on the cache - so it'd be a painfully manual move... Thanks! Matt running unraid 6.7.2
  24. So, turns out that 3950 is damn near impossible to acquire, so I’ve “settled” on a 3900x which should arrive today. I’ll see if I can get the IOMMU groups here soon!
  25. Anybody have any fun updates to share on this? My CPU arrives today - will be dropping it in an ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero. Would love to hear from anybody with this setup! thanks! Matt