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  1. To get mine to work, I had to set my mappings such that they are all on the same mount point. For Sonarr: /data-------------/mnt/user/media/TV Shows/ /config---------/mnt/user/appdata/binhex-sonarr-v3 /media---------/mnt/user/media For Radarr: /data-----------/mnt/user/media/Movies/ /media--------/mnt/user/media /config-------/mnt/user/appdata/binhex-radarr So, the common mount point is /mnt/user/media My downloads directory is located at /mnt/user/media/downloads/ Radarr and Sonarr put their files in the following fo
  2. Howdy! I recently converted to Sonarr V3 and it's been working flawlessly. Today, I noticed that Sonarr was indicating that an update was available. Since we are using a beta version of V3, how do I know if (when) Mr. Binhex pushes a new version? Will the docker update automagically, or because it seems to be hardcoded, will it have to be done manually? Thanks for the help!
  3. Good morning. I'm having trouble with the latest version of Jackett connecting to both RADARR and SONARR. I had to revert back to arch-0.16.1937-1-01 to get them to talk to each other. I very cleverly fixed the problem without writing down the error, but it said something (truncated) "please check the capabilities (t=caps) and make sure the search mode and categories are supported.". I could search and download from inside of Jackett, but Jackett and RADARR/SONARR just wouldn't talk to each other.
  4. Interesting! It doesn't look like I have any created by the plugin. I'm not even certain what the plugin does. On the plus side, it shouldn't cause me too much problem to uninstall-reinstall. Thanks!
  5. What folders am I likely to lose? One's associated with dockers? One's created by dockers? I'm a bit confused
  6. Any risk to uninstalling and reinstalling? I don't like the sound of folders being remade, but I don't know enough to know if this is actually a problem or not. Also, I assume you mean uninstalling the docker folder plugin and then reinstalling it, right?
  7. Hello all. I just started getting an error message that says "Read_Folders error. It looks like migration is running wild." There is a dialog box that pops up just before this one that says something about docker folders, but it disappears too quickly to comprehend. Any idea what this might be about? Unraid Pro 6.8.2
  8. Thank you. I completely forgot about it.
  9. Unraid 6.8.2. I've just started experiencing system lockups after many, many months of happy computing. The frequency of the lockups seems to be increasing, with the initial lockup being caused by an momentary power drop. Based on my poor reading of the logs, it appears like my cache drives don't like it when the mover comes on. Something to do with the drives spinning up. I don't know, but I'll include the syslog files for your viewing pleasure. I do know that the failure is causing a non-maskable interrupt which basically fails the system. I can still get in via teln
  10. I have pfSense running in a vm on Unraid 6.8.2. It had been running without issues for several months. Yesterday, the power company dropped the load (twice) and Unraid had two dirty shut-downs. After the power came up, everything autoloaded except for my pfSense VM. I could not reach the WebUI via VNC. The vm appears to be running, but when I look at the load files of pfSense, I'm seeing a number of missing library files. Many of the cli commands don't work (reboot, shutdown) but shell does work. Since it took me months to get pfSense configured properly, I really want to get my co
  11. I'm not certain this is the place to ask, but when I try to use the chromium browser in Picard, I get a warning and then an error. The warning is "You are using an unsupported command-line flag: --no-sandbox. Stability and Security will suffer." The error occurs when I attempt to log in to my musicbrainz account in the browser. "Forbidden Request - Musicbrainz 10.x.x.x:5000" As I said, I don't know how much involvement you have in this, but any guidance would be appreciated.
  12. Can someone please tell me where this new setting is in Unraid 6.8.2? I appear to be missing a step (or several) in having br0 communicate to bridge and host
  13. I'm having a problem with RADARR and Plex. RADARR is properly downloading my files, and importing them to my media library. However, when Plex does it's scan for the new data, it has started to merge the new file with an existing one. In other words, the first time I caught it, I had three extra movie files merged in with FURY. All the extra movies were in their proper directories, but for some reason Plex's scanner kept importing them into Fury's database. It was a simple matter to split them, and then Fix Match, shouldn't be happening at all. Any ideas?
  14. I just noticed that the information for is now missing from Jackett. Sometime in the last few days, the indexer broke. Any idea on how to get it re-added to the Jackett package?