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  1. Hello all. I've just started getting bitten by the remote path mapping as well. I've got Lidarr configured exactly like RADARR and SONARR, and I understand that lidarr is funny about it's path mapping. I just can't figure out how to fix it. I use SABNZBD for usenet and Deluge on a seedbox for torrents. To transfer data from the seedbox to my local system, I use Syncthing. The Deluge Seedbox download client has the Remote Path configured as /media/sdar/**********/private/deluge/music/ The local path mapping is /MEDIA_ROOT/downloads/calcutta/music/ The package is configured as follows: Can you tell me where I've gone wrong here?
  2. Yep, that got it! Now, I've just got to get the file permissions squared away. Now, I can't save the changes that Picard wants to make. I'll figure it out eventually.
  3. Hello! I installed the Musicbrainz server locally on my unraid server. The databases have updated, and I see that they are updating regularly. My problem now is that Picard continues to ask for an authorization code to access the server. I've authorized Picard to work on the Musicbrainz website, and added the auth code. However, it still won't work with my local server. The error codes are as follows: E: 12:16:15,369 webservice._handle_reply:383: Network request error for Error transferring - server replied: Bad Request (QT code 302, HTTP code 400) E: 12:16:15,371 oauth.on_refresh_access_token_finished:125: OAuth: access_token refresh failed: b'{"error_description":"Invalid protocol, only HTTPS is allowed","error":"invalid_request"}' E: 12:16:23,738 webservice._handle_reply:383: Network request error for Host requires authentication (QT code 204, HTTP code 401) E: 12:16:23,739 ui.mainwindow.set_statusbar_message:326: Error loading collections: Host requires authentication I'm currently using Picard 2.1.3. Is this a problem with Picard or my server install? If I'm reading the error messages correctly, it seems like it wants my musicbrainz server to be an https:// connection. Any ideas?
  4. @binhex Thanks! I finally got it running. It took quite a bit of installing and un-installing to get it running. I eventually had to take my unRaid box out of my vlan (which was a pain, since the vlan was providing DHCP and routing), attach the box to a stand-alone modem that I could configure with the correct dhcp range, and then re-install. Once I did that, the Plex library came up. Interestingly, I was then able to put my Unraid box BACK into my vlan in it's former configuration and everything worked like a charm. Something about the vlan was keeping the library from initializing, but once configured it had no issues. Great package, btw.
  5. I take it you mean standard? That would require a tremendous amount of reconfiguring. Currently, the docker is set to host (as per everyone's recommendations). If I set it to bridge, then I would have to manually enter all of the tcp and udp addresses, correct?
  6. Nope. That doesn't work. I just tried it twice.
  7. Help! I'm having trouble attaching to the Plex Media Server. I've tried two different packages now, Binhex's version and now the version from Limetech. The docker loads with no errors, but when I open the webui, I find the following message: My Unraid server (6.6.6) is running with a static IP on a vlan on my network. The static IP is, and is part of Vlan 30. All of my other dockers have installed and run perfectly. The managed switch is handling dns and dhcp duties for the various Vlans, and I can connect across vlans without issue. I have forwarded all of the ports that are listed in the docker cfg from my router to the Unraid server. I'm not certain where the error lies. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. Does the installation need any particular ports to be open? I know I have to do some port forwarding from my router to get some things communicating from the server to the big, wide world. So, is PMS actually installed buy inaccessible, or is it stalling out during the installation? Is there any way to tell?
  9. Hoopster I attached the docker run command to my previous message. I still cannot get the PMS to come up
  10. Got it. Thanks. Stopping container: binhex-plexpass Successfully stopped container 'binhex-plexpass' Removing container: binhex-plexpass Successfully removed container 'binhex-plexpass' Command:root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='binhex-plexpass' --net='host' -e TZ="America/Phoenix" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'TRANS_DIR'='/config/transcode' -e 'UMASK'='000' -e 'PUID'='99' -e 'PGID'='100' -v '/mnt/user/':'/media':'rw' -v '/mnt/user/appdata/binhex-plexpass':'/config':'rw' 'binhex/arch-plexpass' 55f6110dd929995b0b5ce78e6f5fd08ed03e76e4010d3beb70bfe83475c5242e The command finished successfully!
  11. Thank you for your response. I have a managed switch with my Unraid server in Vlan 30. I assigned it a static IP address of, and I've been able to get all my other dockers to run without issues (except for Unifi, but that's my lack of understanding). According to the docker page, the network is set to HOST. I just stopped and restarted the docker, and the webui takes me to the same screen as before--unable to find a server. I don't know how to generate the docker run command that you asked about. Here is a shot of the most recent log https://hub.docker.com/u/binhex/ 2019-01-14 21:55:39.169525 [info] System information Linux ******* 4.18.20-unRAID #1 SMP Fri Nov 23 11:38:16 PST 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux 2019-01-14 21:55:39.205220 [info] PUID defined as '99' 2019-01-14 21:55:39.242475 [info] PGID defined as '100' 2019-01-14 21:55:39.331902 [info] UMASK defined as '000' 2019-01-14 21:55:39.366661 [info] Permissions already set for volume mappings 2019-01-14 21:55:39.401726 [info] TRANS_DIR defined as '/config/transcode' 2019-01-14 21:55:39.437826 [info] Starting Supervisor... 2019-01-14 21:55:39,602 INFO Included extra file "/etc/supervisor/conf.d/plexmediaserver.conf" during parsing 2019-01-14 21:55:39,602 INFO Set uid to user 0 succeeded 2019-01-14 21:55:39,604 INFO supervisord started with pid 8 2019-01-14 21:55:40,607 INFO spawned: 'plexmediaserver' with pid 49 2019-01-14 21:55:40,607 INFO reaped unknown pid 9 2019-01-14 21:55:41,609 INFO success: plexmediaserver entered RUNNING state, process has stayed up for > than 1 seconds (startsecs)
  12. I feel like the biggest idiot in the world right now. I've installed the binhex PlexPass docker. I assumed (there's that word) that it would install Plex Media Server on my Unraid system (6.6.6). So, I install the docker, and open the webui and it tells me it can't find a PMS (really??) and... "Install your new server Excellent. Check your download location for Plex Media Server and install it. Once it's running, check back here and we'll get you set up." I don't know if it makes any difference, but I am running Unraid in a VLAN. All my media is already installed and ready to be imported into Plex. Is this normal? If so, which version do I have to download? Or, more likely, which step did I miss that's keeping me from installing PMS? Thank you for your help (and your really nice dockers--I'm using quite a few of them right now).
  13. Having a problem getting Syncthing connected to remote server. I'm having problems getting Syncthing to connect to an instance I have running on a seed box. I've used Syncthing in the past, but this is my first experience in using it as a docker under Unraid. The gui is showing the listeners as 0/1 (in red) with the following message " tcp://10.0.30.xxx:22000: listen 10.0.30.xxx:22000: bind: cannot assign requested address" I've got 22000 assigned in the docker. I've tried port forwarding from my router to my ip address of Unraid. I'm not certain what I'm missing at this point. I'm running Unraid 6.6.6 in Vlan 30 of my managed switch Anyone have any ideas? Never mind. I had to completely uninstall the docker and my user settings and then re-install everything. That fixed the problem.
  14. Hello All You Helpful People!! (hint, hint) I want to run pfSense in a VM under Unraid 6.6.6. I followed SpaceInvaderOne's videos, but I'm a bit stuck. I'm trying to get cute with my setup. I have a SuperMicro server with 4 onboard Intel gigabit lan ports AND a two port 10 gigabit pci card. All of this is connected to a Cisco L3 3560e switch, which I have configured vlans on. Now, I'm trying to do the following. My WAN port from my cable modem goes into switchport 1 (Vlan 80) on my switch. All my devices can reach the internet because I have InterVlan routing configured. VLAN 10 is for computers. VLAN 20 is for cameras. VLAN 30 will be for ubiquity. VLAN 50 will be for IOT. Now, I think I can configure the 10 gigabit ethernet ports to be bonded and set up as a trunk port, which I can then use as the LAN port in pfSense. But, I'm fuzzy as to how/what to configure as the WAN port. Can I use VLAN 80 as my WAN port, or does it have to be a discrete interface (like one of the gigabit ports)? Where do I plug in the gigabit port(s)--in VLAN 80, or in VLAN 10 with computers? And finally, how do I route all traffic through pfSense? Set it as the default gateway? Or does running the trunk port through it do this for me already? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  15. Hello! I'm having a particularly annoying problem with Krusader. I cannot get the synchronizer to work on an nfs share. I'm trying to transfer all of my data from an old server to my new build (new to unRAID as well). I have the left panel set to display my user share Movies. I use the icon that looks vaguely like a resistor to make the nfs connection to my old server. I can browse the directory, scroll, click into it, but as soon as I try and run the synchronizer, I get the following message: The file or folder /media/storage/Plex/Movies/ does not exist (this is the nfs share). I have had luck doing a straight copy from the nfs share to my new unRAID setup, but the synchronizer is a no-go. Any ideas? --Never Mind. I found the issue. IO had a bad nfs export that was reporting the wrong shares. Eliminate the export, and eliminate the problem.