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  1. I figured as much. No worries, that's exactly what I did. It doesn't overwrite my changes, so that works just fine. Thank you.
  2. This may be a stupid question, but is there any reason why the nginx container keeps creating a default file under /config/nginx/site-confs every time it's restarted? I'm trying to set up 3 websites with 3 different conf files in the site-confs folder. My main nginx.conf file has an include statement referencing the path. I was copying my settings over from default to the "custom" conf file, then deleted the default file. Restarted the container and the default file is back.
  3. That's what I wound up doing, but the support page said that latest will give me v3 (or in my case, keep v3) and it didn't. It reverted me to v2. That's why I ask what I *should* have done. If "latest" or no tag should now be on v3, it didn't work, so I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong.
  4. What is the proper way to update? Because I had the same issue with getting the notification that the tag I was using was no longer valid. Went to the container, removed the tag, it installed v2 and blew away all my settings (or so I thought.) I couldn't even sign in using the Forms authentication. So I changed authentication to None, got in, and all 4000 or so TV shows were gone. Restored from backup from 4 days ago, same result. Long story short, added the preview tag to the repo and everything was right as rain again. So what happened? Why did it install v2?
  5. Latest update: Swapped out the drive for the new one I bought and issue went away. So I'm guessing it really is a bad drive. Going to try to RMA it with WD. Hopefully they'll take it, even though it's shucked from an external.
  6. Update: Moving it to a different slot didn't make a difference. Still getting CRC errors on that one drive. It IS letting me rebuild the array, but I've ordered a replacement.
  7. Oh good. So I can swap them around to any slot I want. Thank you.
  8. True. I doubt it would make a difference because the way the controllers are designed, if the port was bad, multiple ports would be bad. Unless it's a bent pin or something stupid like that. It's a hotswap bay, so unlikely, but something I could easily confirm. Will unRAID get screwed up by that as far as the drives in the array? I don't know how it assigns them under the hood.
  9. If it was a backplane issue, all the drives would have an issue. It's a server chassis with a SATA/SAS backplane. 5 disks total in an 8 bay chassis. All of them set to spindown at idle. So I can't see it being a power issue given that a) the disks consume 6.4W under max load x 5 is 32W, and b) none of the other drives are having an issue. Being that it's a backplane all fed off the same lines, I can't see it being a cabling issue for the same reason - none of the other drives are giving me a single error.
  10. Okay, immediate CRC errors as soon as I restarted the array. It won't even let me rebuild to it. My guess is the drive itself IS actually the problem. So bizarre. I also noticed while the server was POSTing that it spammed errors on sdf, which is that drive. So maybe the drive really is faulty?
  11. I never not have the webgui up, honestly. I hadn't even thought about it. It's one of my pinned browser tabs and I never close my browser unless I need to. Haha. Okay, powered down the server, checked all the cable connections, reseated all the drives in their hotswap bays, and powered everything back up. It still showed disabled, so I'm going to stop the array, unassign the drive, start the array, stop the arrray, re-assign the drive, and try to rebuild. Cross your fingers! *EDIT* @trurl your second reply came in after I hit send. I don't have another on hand so I'm going to attempt
  12. I don't have email notification, but I do have immediate dashboard notification (on the webgui) set. No issues on any other drives and no issues before today. I clicked the thumb icon to acknowledge last night and everything seemed peachy again and woke up to it being disabled this morning, so of course I panicked.
  13. Interesting. So what that says is it's (generally) a power or cabling issue and not the drive itself. Did you happen to check my SMART logs? From what I could tell, the drive looked okay aside from those UDMA CRC errors, so it's quite possible the problem does NOT lie with the drive. That would be good news. Though the drives are attached to a backplane in a Supermicro 2RU chassis with one of those slim platinum PSU's, so fixing that problem may actually be more of a pain. Haha.
  14. Hello all, I have a 12TB drive in my array shucked from a WD Easystore that started giving me errors in the webui yesterday. I ran short SMART test and it passed. Then this morning, I had a red x. I know that means the drive is disabled and usually that's a catastrophic failure (well, as far as unRAID is concerned, I think.) Anyway, I ran an extended SMART test and it's showing me UDMA CRC errors. The drive isn't that old. And who knows where the heck I put the enclosure. What are my next steps? Also, has anyone had any luck RMAing these drives? I've heard mixed results. They are O
  15. Just noticed the same issue today. Haven't tried a rollback yet. Debating on whether I should try that or wait and just do a new pull. *EDIT* Forced a pull and the UI is back.