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  1. OK, did the update. Looks good so far. 🙂 After checking everything runs normal, i installed the nvidia piece. Looks good as well, Plex is utilizing my old GTX1050Ti - tested two streams in parallell transcoding 4K incl. subtitles to an iPhone and an iPad. Nice work. 👍
  2. OK, thanks. I think i´ll give the 6.6.7 a try. How do i do the update? Using the WebGUI, i can only chose between "stable", which gives me the 6.7.2 or "next" which gives me the 6.8.0-rc1. EDIT: Got it - sorry for noise.
  3. Hi, i´m running UNRAID 6.5.3 for quite some time now to my satisfaction. However, i´d like to utilize my old GTX1050Ti for Plex hardware transcoding (Plex Pass is available) and learned, that i need to update my UNRAID server for this. I´ve read about stability issues with 6.7.x versions. So what would be a good choice for an UNRAID version between 6.5.3 and the current that is safe to use? TIA Regards, Hocky
  4. root@UNRAID:~# find /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/ /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/ /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/log /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/log/nginx /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/log/nginx/error.log /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/log/nginx/access.log /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/config /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/config/QtProject.conf /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/openbox /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/openbox/sessions /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/openbox/openbox.log /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig/CACHEDIR.TAG /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig/69c00635-d29d-4916-9d3d-e607e35c1646-le64.cache-7 /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig/d24edf35-e992-437d-8dd3-bcbf0ea30221-le64.cache-7 /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig/6f126b59-7288-461b-a110-e71ee549114e-le64.cache-7 /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig/4fbaf3a1-0150-4e33-9d96-6ca239a1262e-le64.cache-7 /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig/33181cbf-a687-43fe-ae2a-d2a18eed9e78-le64.cache-7 /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig/df311e82a1a24c41a75c2c930223552e-le64.cache-7 /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig/17090aa38d5c6f09fb8c5c354938f1d7-le64.cache-7 /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig/2d31a572ce6667f6a0da9c8dc611898b-le64.cache-7 /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig/d21dfb71-1bac-4663-948b-a39e28221c70-le64.cache-7 /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig/e32a6f1d-ec59-4217-bf06-f2d99b2f9b71-le64.cache-7 /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig/e8d985e1-a57d-4110-8033-c0ccefd70882-le64.cache-7 /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/xdg/cache/fontconfig/5ca8086aeacc9c68e81a71e7ef846b3b-le64.cache-7 /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/data /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/data/_private_data.tar /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/.MakeMKV /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/update.conf /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/_private_data.tar /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/screen.conf /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/dump_SD_46B4F294C1B39626D2E5.tgz /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/Videos /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/myProfile.mmcp.xml /mnt/user/docker/appdata/MakeMKV/settings.conf As requested.
  5. Mh, in the meantime, i reinstalled the container and now it´s not even starting. It says "sed: couldn't open temporary file /config/sedXXXXXX: No space left on device". Need to find out what the issue might be...
  6. Hi, just updated the docker and now i only get a black screen when opening the WebUI. Before the update, it worked well for quite some months now. Any idea?
  7. So i changed the custom script command from rclone sync /mnt/user/Data/Media/Bilder /mnt/disks/HiDrive/Media/Bilder/ to rclone sync /mnt/user/Data/Media/Bilder HiDrive:users/tkhidrive/Media/Bilder/ -v A couple of test-runs look promising - i´m now down to 1m15s for a sync without changes which took 4h before. 🙂 Thanks a lot, @Stupifier, for your excellent support!
  8. @Stupifier Thanks a lot for your comment. I´ll have a look at writing directly to the cloud storage.
  9. Hi, i´ve installed the rclone plugin to synchronize a folder sitting on my UNRAID server to a cloud storage. I´m using rclone together with the user scripts plugin. The script consists of the following command: "rclone sync /mnt/user/Data/Media/Bilder /mnt/disks/HiDrive/Media/Bilder/" I´ve configured user scripts to run in every night at 2:00am. In general, everything is working (mounting, synching), both source and destination folder are in synch. However, the synch process takes almost takes 4 hours and saturates the internet connection, although nothing has changed in the source folder (so it seems to me that this is the time rclone uses just to check if there are any changes). We´re talking about ~150GB in ~40.000 files (photo archive). Any advice how this can be accelerated? Regards, Hocky
  10. Well, that´s what i would call "bad luck". Or in other words: "no arms, no cookies". As already stated above, it doesn´t make sense to build such a functionality into a server itself just for the >1% of users who try running a server infrastructure in a place not suitable.
  11. Anyone tried the "optimize" feature from Plex. As far as i understand that feature it should do some sort of converting as well. Well, my 8700-server transcodes 4K just fine. But it´s true, for the cost of the update you could get a new Fire-TV. But replacing gets more expensive when it comes to mobile devices.
  12. Hm, i can´t confirm this. I´ve got a movie folder with a 4K and a 1080p-version of a movie. It´s currently transcoding the 1080p-file for playing at my smartphone and transcoding the 4K-file for playback at my laptop. And in parallel, it does a direct play of the 1080p-file for my Fire-TV. All with subtitles showing.
  13. Ups, sorry. I was a bit confused (didn´t have my second coffee yet). Load percentage is displayed, UPS load is missing. OK, not a problem. I don´t need it in UNRAID anyway.
  14. Oh, true. That could be the reason why it´s not displayed Is it sth that can be fixed or is it just the way it is? However, the load percentage is available but also not displayed in the UNRAID status.
  15. Haven´t tried it myself, but according to the documentation, Plex should be able to handle multiple versions of a movie and use the one that fits best to the client => https://support.plex.tv/articles/200381043-multi-version-movies/