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  1. I love how easy Unraid is to get up and running. I was complete noob 2 years ago, and today I have a fully running system with a 64TB HDD array, over 15 dockers and a VM running as my primary desktop (GPU pass-through, and everything). For 2020, there’s a few things I’d like to see but if I had to choose one.. I’d like a way to save snapshots of my VMs. There’s a way to back up the VMs today but it’s quite manual.. and not as seamless.
  2. Thanks for sharing this! After hours and hours of troubleshooting.. I finally got it working. I downloaded this kext, and installed it using KextBeast. Rebooted the VM and got it working with iCloud, iMessage, everything. I had trouble from the get-go with e1000-82545em, where the taskbar didn't show up, and under network setting the cable was "unplugged". VMXNET3 was slow and couldn't connect to iCloud. I'm happy to finally getting this to work. Thanks again!
  3. Does anyone know why I can't encode the the following files with this tag: H264,MJPEG,MJPEG,MJPEG,MJPEG They're all failing for me. Regular H264 gets encoded just fine.
  4. @SpaceInvaderOne, do you have plans on releasing a guide for Catalina?
  5. Think this might be my first post here.. but I want to say thank you for building this docker. I've been running it the last couple of days and it works just fine. Is there any way you can build notifications into this in the future? A handful of my apps have webhooks into Slack where I get all my notifications. I wouldn't mind getting notifications on when a video file is finished, and how much % of space was saved.