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  1. Hey Unraid Team, Thanks for all you do! Recently had some bad storms and a power outages. Found out my servers UPS settings where wrong, and had a hard power down. After coming back I had 8 errors after parity check. I have fixed the UPS settings. Did what the forums say, clean reboot, started a new parity check. Now 50% done and I have 8 errors again. How do I fix these? Attached is my diagnostic file. Thanks Tony nasa-diagnostics-20200813-1302.zip
  2. Hello Everyone, As I said in a past post, i was able to get the server up by downgrading to 6.8.0. I have now updated the BIOS to the newest version. When I reboot now, once again no hard drives founds. New log files attached. nasa-diagnostics-20200115-1820.zip
  3. Hello, I will update the BIOS when I get home. Just noticed I am running a VERY old version (Thank you). On a side note, in testing i went back to 6.8.0 and the server and all drives came up correctly. More updates to come later!
  4. Hey! Recently upgrade to 6.8.1 and now having an issue after a reboot. None of my drives plugged into my RAID card are being seen by the OS. When I go into the raid card software all drives are found. Have re-seated the card. Still no luck. Thanks! Tony nasa-diagnostics-20200114-1929.zip
  5. You are correct, the goal would be to move back to a 1 parity system until i get more drives upgraded. With that being said is it possible now?
  6. Hello Unraid Members! I need some advice. I currently have a 16 bay 4U Server running Unraid 6.7.12. Almost all my drives are 3TB (A few are 1TB). I recently had 1 of 3TB the drives fail. I am running 2 parity drives (Both of which are 3TB). Recently came into a sale of 10TB Drives, and i purchased 2 of them. My goal would be to have 1 of 10TB drives be a parity drive (Solo Parity for now.... will upgrade more as they come on sale) and the other be a data drive. If i didn't have a failed drive I would... Stop array Shut down server Take out both of the parity drives replace with one 10TB drive. Power up server New Config Keep only data drives preserved Let it rebuild the parity When done put the other 10TB drive in an open slot. Again the failed drive part of this scares me. Advice on the best way to upgrade and preserve the data. Thanks! Tony
  7. Hey Everyone, again thank you for the help. I am still new to the boards. Can someone mark this as SOLVED please?
  8. When I was first T/S this issue I did move the raid card to a different PCIe slot with the same results. added the following to my /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg append pci=realloc=off initrd=/bzroot Per this post Now i can see ALL OF MY HARD DRIVES!!!! thank you everyone for your help. Quick question, which has been asked before. What is the down side of what i did? Thanks Tony
  9. Hello Everyone, Long time fan, first post ? Let me start by saying I have 2 server currently. One of them is running Unraid flawlessly for a few months now, love the software and all it can do! I am however having issues in one of my main servers. It is a 4U Server with 16 hard drive back plane. Currently have SAS9211-8I - Flashed to IT mode P20 (9211-8i_Package_P20_IR_IT_FW_BIOS_for_MSDOS_Windows) Intel Raid Expander Card RES2SV240 - (Not flashed or updated) Currently on the 9211 I have 1 cable plugged into the back plane (4 Hard Drives) and 1 cable running the expander (12 HD)... Mostly for testing. When I go into the 9211 interface it sees all 16 hard drives (Both HD on the expander and directly into the card), I have set the card not to post to BIO (per flashing instructions)... Before I set it to not show in the BIOS, the BIOS could see all the hard drives! When I boot up Unraid it only sees my SSD that is plugged directly into the motherboard. In the log files Unraid can see both cards. I have attached a diagnostics in hopes someone smarter then me can find something I did wrong. Thanks Tony tower-diagnostics-20180810-1055.zip