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  1. Azure has a different layout and it changes css classes! You can edit the custom css file to make it works :)
  2. The tables are a mess basically! It's good man! Include them with the plugin
  3. #nav-block #nav-item:focus:after, #nav-block #nav-item:hover:after { background-color: #f15a2c; } Here you go
  4. Thanks, i was lazy and just uploaded by zipping each cfg and css file together! The checkbox option could be the way to go, or simply overwrite the theme if exist by default? If it's a theme update, is for an improvement i suppose ๐Ÿ˜† Either way, people can always rename the theme and export it using the GUI before importing the new one, am i wrong? PS: i am still searching for a way to properly style everything. I think i am going to rewrite the whole views some point in the future ๐Ÿ˜‚! Do you think it is possible to do given the way the frontend is built? I have to dig it but i am kinda full of work these days. With something like tailwindcss restyling everything and importing new themes would be a breeze
  5. No worries! Everything works as intended anyway I've made some themes, i am going to list them here You can unzip the themes.zip file and place everything inside the themes folder or download and upload the single theme files; EDIT: the styling can't be perfect. Some UI elements (tables) have common classes so i couldn't style everything as i would've liked to! themes.zip ashes.zip brushthrees.zip dracula.zip grayscale.zip monokai.zip nova.zip rebecca.zip solarizedDark.zip
  6. Ok, but without a base css file every background will be the color of the base unraid theme
  7. Ok, what about something like this: -one base css file provided by the plugin with some edits -one base css file with css variables for the colors -one custom empty css for user custom css ? Url upload is pretty neat, so people can share custom themes easily
  8. sure man! I am making some edits to the css file and i have some ideas to make the base theme easier to edit. Using css variables and a form to edit those variables in the custom.css file, we could edit the theme using only one css file. This is the refactored custom css file with the latest edits: EDIT: https://pastebin.com/YnZnRXrY updated css file I am going to point out that i am using the base16 design architecture. We could pull the themes color from this list https://github.com/chriskempson/base16 and give the users the possibility to select the preferred one. Another feature could be the option to edit the css variables in a form like you did for the base16 colors: :root { --base00: #2e3440; --base01: #3b4252; --base02: #434c5e; --base03: #4c566a; --base04: #d8dee9; --base05: #e5e9f0; --base06: #eceff4; --base07: #8fbcbb; --base08: #88c0d0; --base09: #81a1c1; --base0a: #5e81ac; --base0b: #bf616a; --base0c: #d08770; --base0d: #ebcb8b; --base0e: #a3be8c; --base0f: #b48ead; } Let me know if i can help you with anything ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ
  9. Thanks man! I love your plugin anyway. I am going to build A LOT of themes based on famous base16 color palettes and the feature you're planning to add is perfect. Right now the only problem is that i have to have multiple css files and edit the name if i want to activate a theme with the corresponding css file. With that feature it would be soooo simple to ad a tons of themes (i can help with that!)
  10. Great plugin! I've made a Nord inspired theme with it. Imgur Album Theme Engine settings CSS File
  11. What i like: Back in the days, i used a standard debian install for my server and runned everything via bin. The problem was keeping everything clean. With unRaid i have the SO on an usb pen, the pool and share configuration is crazy simple and i have Docker integrated. Easy Peasy the best home server SO out in the wild! What i would like to have in 2020: Actually the unRaid is kinda perfect but i would like a redesign of the frontend with something like Vue/React and an unopinionated css framework like TailwindCSS. It would be cool to have the possibility to make custom themes/dashboards/ui ! Oh, and Docker Compose integration with the system would be awesome
  12. If you buy your domain, you have to change the dns records to point it to your public ip. So something like "sonarr.mydomain.com" points to "yourpublicip" and on nginx proxy manager you setup everything according to your configurations
  13. Don't you have a domain name? You still need a domain name! If you don't have it, you have to use Duck DNS
  14. If you don't have a static public IP, you need something like DuckDNS point your domain/subdomains to your unRaid Server
  15. Are you talking about host ports or container ports? I have an nginx proxy manager container running on a vps with custom ports and it's working. It's not the latest version tho
  16. ok, we are in the same boat sir ๐Ÿ˜‚ Let's see if someone more experienced can work it out somehow. Anyway, this container is the most usefull i am running right now. I can't believe the simplicity of this tool
  17. did you configure Nextcloud to work with https ?
  18. Hello! Yuo helped me a lot with your videos and after all your tutorials i followed i pulled the trigger on an intel 4 1gb ports nic. The problem is that i realized too late my 2500k doesn't support vt-d, so i can't passthrough the PCI-e card to the VM. Are there any ways i can install pfSense on a VM? The hardware configuration is like this: ISP Modem/Router -> Switch -> unRaid Machine at eth port on motherboard. I am not a pro in networking and i can't figure out how to configure the 4 ports nic.
  19. Hi guys! I really need some help, because i am new to reverse proxy/letsencrypt thing. Basically, i followed Spaceinvader One video about Nextcloud and letsencrypt: No problems for nextcloud, but i can't configure gitea. I created the file: user/appdata/letsencrypt/nginx/proxy-confs/gitea.subdomain.conf server { listen 443 ssl; server_name gitea.*; include /config/nginx/ssl.conf; client_max_body_size 0; location / { include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; resolver valid=30s; set $upstream_gitea gitea; proxy_pass https://$upstream_gitea:3000; } } Then edited the gitea config file: [server] APP_DATA_PATH = /data/gitea SSH_DOMAIN = gitea.mypersonaldomain.com HTTP_PORT = 8300 ROOT_URL = https://gitea.mypersonaldomain.com:8300 DISABLE_SSH = false SSH_PORT = 8022 LFS_CONTENT_PATH = /data/git/lfs DOMAIN = gitea.mypersonaldomain.com LFS_START_SERVER = true LFS_JWT_SECRET = *********************************** OFFLINE_MODE = false The container uses port 8300 and 8022 for ssh. The best i get is a 502 error when visiting gitea.mypersonaldomain.com:8300. With these settings, the gitea web interface is unreachable even if i point to my localhost ip ( ) Any tips ?