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  1. I think sqlite database integration is somehow broken, I am able to run the container with external postgres db, with default sqlite I was getting same errors like others... 'sqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file'
  2. hello, thanks for the netbox docker. I got one question, how do I change other settings in the netbox config file. I tried making another variable via unraid gui with no luck. When editing directly via cli the is always rewritten upon restart.
  3. Will this still somehow be considered in the future ? I assume more ppl are using unraid for docker/vm only. So now the only option (when I want to use ssd with trim support and some kind of redundancy) is to use old usb drive assigned in the array and then running ssd cache pool in raid1 ?
  4. I've already vlans configured and used with unraid. What I would like to do is assign tagged 'management vlan' serving as unraid's ip address. Is this possible ?
  5. Changed Status to Solved
  6. Hi guys, what's the proper settings of parent eth0 interface when I want to use it in trunk mode but only with tagged vlans ? There's no option to set it as 'none'. Only automatic and static. With automatic settings unraid is not getting an ip (which is understandable as there's no network configured, nor dhcp). I'm running pfsense in vm with 2 nics passthrough (wan + lan interface configured vlans only, parent interface is not set, this is recommended configuration for the interface with vlans) serving as router/fw for my network (including unraid). Th
  7. Thanks guys, I just want you to know that BIOS upgrade solved my problems.