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  1. Got this error when trying to setup two_factor: level=error msg="534 5.7.9 Application-specific password required. Any idea? EDIT: Found solution, had to add "App Passwords" inside gmail and add that password in the config file for mail.
  2. Probably something we´ve overlooked I´ll let you know if i find a solution, would appreciate if you did the same. Maybe @Sycotix have some time over and takes a look
  3. Same problem as you, did you find any solution?
  4. Same problem as you, have been running binhex-sabnzbd for months but as of yesterday cant access GUI but the dockers works fine. Although are running it through binhex-delugeVPN (spaceinvaderon guide) and if i stop that i can access the GUI just fine. Log from sabnzbd:
  5. Did you got this solved? Interested what was wrong.
  6. You can also add another cache drive and have them in RAID1. That way you will see those share as protected. Or do as Delarius says and back all those share on the array. SpaceinvaderOne make good videos of this. Or total paranoia = 2 cachedrive RAID1 and backup those shares to array
  7. Ran last run now without any erros so i guess am golden then I´ll attach the log again if you got some time over to look over if i missed anything. Many thanks again johnnie!
  8. I'll run another check. Download diagnos and then run another. Thanks johnnie for the support 😃 best thing about unraid, all the good ppl in the community.
  9. Thing is i did a parity check with correcting and found 256 error. Then ran the memtest/cpu stress. After that another parity check and found exactly 256 error again.
  10. Yes but what is best practice, complete rebuild of parity?
  11. Hi! Woke up one day and my unraid box had a unclean shutdown. After paritysync (with correction) it got 256 sync errors. Took everything offline and did memtest for 40hours with no errors and stressed the CPU for 12h with no problems. Don´t know if i had any poweroutage, (ordered a UPS yesterday....) replaced the SATA cables and turn her back up and did another parity check (with correction). Got same 256 errors. Could someone help we with this, can´t see any errors on disk, or not able to find in the log. Should i do a parity rebuild or is that stupid. Maybe preclear the parity drive and then rebuild if complete the preclear without errors. Ofcourse i did not preclear any of my drives brefore installing them.... Lesson learn there. System: Hp Z800 Dual x5670 48GB ECC LSI 9211-8i IT mode 3x 8TB WD RED (1 parity) Samsung 500GB 860 evo cache drive Attach the syslog and SMART of all the HDD drives. All best! // Linus
  12. What about TRIM, does that work with that card?
  13. Hi! Thinking about buying Asus WS C246 PRO and xeon E-2146G, saw that you fixed the fan controller with the extra line of code in the go file. The server still going strong and the fan controller works? Just to be on the safe side, this i my GO file: #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & modprobe -v nct6775 You just added the line like above? All best! // Linus
  14. Hi guys! Trying to use VPN in deluge but keep getting this error when starting up the docker: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in [CMD-LINE]:1: auth-user-pass (2.4.6) Using Privateinternetaccess via switzerland Read throught this topic but could not make any sense of it... Not using any special character in id or password. Followed SpaceinvaderOne guide. I´ll link the sipervisord.log file and maybe someone can help me All best! // Linus supervisord.log