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  1. Any update on ZFS pools? I'd love to have a much more viable option than BTRFS for compression.
  2. I booted into GUI mode this time. When it froze, even the direct GUI was frozen for about 5 minutes. After that the local GUI was available, but the GUI was not available across the network. I could ping in/out of the box, though even that was intermittent.
  3. I disabled docker, and renamed the old docker.img. It just crashed again. Most of these containers have been in place since early 2018, with the exact config they had prior to me renaming the docker image.
  4. Since upgrading to 6.8.3 I am running a syslog server. How do I ensure this doesn't write to flash moving forward?
  5. My server has crashed twice this morning. I haven't made any changes since a few days ago when I upgraded from 6.6.7 to 6.8.3, and did a few things to clear errors. I've attached the syslog dump and diagnostics from the flash drive.
  6. I was able to fix this recently. The fix was to rename the syslog file on the flash drive (in the logs folder) to syslog.old. This generated a new file, and stopped the mass error messages. The original syslog file was up to 4GB in size, which I would assume is a hard limit for it.
  7. I seem to have fixed it. Adding a metric of 2 (versus the default of 1) to the storage network gateway made br0 take precedence, and I can now access external resources.
  8. no, I have a separate host. unRAID is on bare metal, as is ESXi.
  9. Good to know. So I really just have one issue to fix, which is why the network setup works in 6.6.7, and not in 6.8.3. Hopefully someone is able to assist, I'd have to have to roll back to 6.6.7 for the 7th time.
  10. I upgraded from 6.6.7 to 6.8.3 today, and spent most of the day reinstalling containers, fixing plugins, etc to squash all of the bugs/incompatibilities. I have two remaining showstoppers. One is that the server can't reach the internet post upgrade. It appears to me that the default static route is for the wrong bridge, and therefore the traffic can't exit to the internet. The bridge it is trying to use is a local storage network (connects to my ESXi host). I have tried to delete this, but the delete button is not working. My other issue, possibly related, is that my containers ar
  11. That file shows a syslog server at ip address. That is my PRTG server. I believe I did have syslog routed there at one point. I'll stand a syslog sensor up again to see if that fixes it. If not, I'll rename the file and reboot.
  12. I don't have this on my server. My page map is attached. unraid_page_map.txt
  13. I don't. Do you know offhand where the setting to disable this is?
  14. I am still getting an error in safe mode, after NerdPack was uninstalled. I've attached the safe mode diagnostic.
  15. I believe what stopped the plex overruns was an actual unRAID update, but it was quite a while ago, so I could be mistaken. I previously used the NerdPack modules, but I'm not at the moment. I'm going to uninstall the entire NerdPack plugin and reboot later today.