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  1. Thanks all, I have allocated 32GB to unraid, and the alerts in vsphere have seemed to be gone now. Things are running super smooth.
  2. Socrates

    Anyone else using a low-watt PSU in their build?

    the PSU will idle at a lower watt usage at most times, but u will need lower watt CPU. Thats what will bleed your utility bills the most. U cannot help with the HDD's though, at any time 6watt will be for each drive attached to ur server.
  3. I have 8GB memory allocated to unraid, and it looks like it keeps running out of memory. Unraid is in a VM, and vshpere constantly complains about unraid running out of memory. I have ordered 128GB ECC memory and should arrive today. So now I will have a lot more memory in hand that i can allocate to Unraid. Unraid being one of the most important VM in my ESXI stack, I dont mind allocating a larger chunk of my total memory slot. I was planning to allocate it 32gb, would that be enough, if i have half a dozen dockers running, and grafana and telegraf pulling stats from various devices every few seconds? Or should I allocate more?
  4. Thank you so much. I will keep an eye on this disk as well. If i see more pending sectors grow.. I will swap the disk out. For now I have acknowledged the error, and the status of the disk has gone back to green. Unraid is very new to me, hence I am very reliant on this forum and help from the members..
  5. I brought a few enterprise-grade disks last month and migrated to Unraid from Snapraid. Everything was going fine until last week, and then last weekend I see this warning icon on my dashboard for one of my disks. I performed an extended SMART test, and the test passed wtihout any errors. Attached is the SMART test logs with this post. Also, here is the screenshot for the attributes page. Is it something to worry about? What does the log file say? Am i missing anything? HUH721008ALN600_7SHGAXPU-20181202-0205.txt
  6. Socrates

    Dynamix File Integrity plugin

    I am sorry I am late to the party, but can someone share their settings for this plugin? I have installed it, but would like to set it up the ideal way. I am would like to get notified for any file corruption through bitrot or related before hand.
  7. Socrates

    Grafana Plex Info (Python issue)

    I was able to resolve this by running these commands before executing the py file. I am able to now collect Plex data in grafana, but I am still not able to get unraid data into grafana. I'd love to get the array information, details of individal disks etc. BUt none seems to be helping on this forum when it comes to grafana.
  8. I have successfully been able to setup InfluxDB, Telegraf and Grafana for monitoring my home server lab. I am using vCenter, so i am able to grab the entire esxi host's information directly from the vcenter api. I am able to grab pihole's data as well into grafana. I have installed the grafana, telegraf, influx setup on a seperate vm in my esxi host. Everything is setup.. but i am not able to get unraid to work. I have installed tautulli and plexpy scripts, but nothing seems to be working, no data is collected into influxdb. I am sure I am wrong somewhere.. how do u guys grab unraid and plex data into your grafana? do u have it installed as a docker container, if so.. please guide me to the correct procedure, or url tutorial,, i dont mind moving my grafana, telegraf, influxdb to unraid dockers...
  9. Can someone share the screenshot of their settings page for this app? I'd like to set this up with the best possible configurations.
  10. Socrates

    Ideal Memory for unRAID

    Cool thank you.
  11. Socrates

    Ideal Memory for unRAID

    I am running Plex, Grafana, Telegraf, InfluxDB, NextCloud, HDDTemp right now, its a new setup.. So I am still exploring around. I am gonna go look for the thread here on the forum to see what other goodies people use on unraid. I dont plan to host virtual machines on the server, as i would rather prefer them to be hosted on the esxi server directly.
  12. Socrates

    Ideal Memory for unRAID

    I am running unRAID on ESXi. the host has 128GB memory, however I have allocated 8GB to the unRAID VM. Will allocating more VM help the environment in any way? Like building parity faster.. ? Currently I dont see any lag on unRAID server, nor do i see anything running slow. Grafana Stats for memory shows the unraid vm has never used memory beyond 60-70% in the past 3 months. However it did touch 100% and was throttling initially when i was building parity and was copying data from my previous raid server. So I know unRAID's recommendation for memory is maxed out at 32GB.. but in my case i already have 128GB memory, and can make use of some on the unRAID server vm, do u recommend me to bump up the memory? Any benefit in the future?
  13. So I am new to this app, however I have installed the Dynamix Cache directories.. but I have not made any changes/edits to it. Are there changes, edits that you guys recommend that one should make to get the best out of it?
  14. Socrates

    What do you use to monitor your server?

    Fantastic, do you mind sharing your unraid dashboard's json file please
  15. I have been successfully collecting data of my entire ESXi host, all the various vm's and the hardware components and have been able to portray it into my grafana dashboard. However I have not been able to find a sweet dashboard for unraid, your dashboard for unraid is truly one of the best. I love the way you have used tables show show the disk temps for each of HDD's. Do you or anyone else here mind sharing the json file of this dashboard? Also, what is the ideal script i can use to collect the data for unraid/plex installed on it into influxdb? I have seen multiple scripts online. But whats the most comprehensive and recommended out here.