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  1. its for nvida shoud be the same for amd
  2. You need vbios. And if i remeber right i got one from you need to find one that mathes yours. The best woud be to make your own but then you need to find a way to dump the current vbios you have on your gpu. Alternative if you got some old gpu and space on your mb is setting the old one as primary gpu and use the 580 for vm. Im not so tecky ether. Just tested alot by trail and error
  3. If its your only gpu then yes
  4. Had some pirated ones before i found cheep keys on ebay. Some worked some didnt. Try forcestop windows vm and start and connect to vnc fast and see if you get hit any key message. Or type exit and choose boot somthing(at work so cant check the specific path). And click cdrom. Sent fra min SM-G965F via Tapatalk
  5. That is the bios screen on the vm. Had to find another windos iso when i had the problem Edit. You get the screen aswell if you dont hit any key before xx sec to start installing
  6. Its on host. is unraid server 32400 is plex internal port 50000 is external (same as set inside plex settings - remote access, 32400 by deffault) Sent fra min SM-G965F via Tapatalk
  7. For me i use the unraid ip and port 32400 in router settings Need to port it to the internal 32400 aswell, You can try change external port on plex to somthing else personaly i changed to 50000 on mine. Since i had problems connecting to my plex when i had it on 32400
  8. Atm openvpn is bad with pia. Had to change server once a day.. changing to a docker with built in wiregard solves the problem for now anyway. There is one made by dyonr. And can be found on CA Sent fra min SM-G965F via Tapatalk
  9. Shoud be a docker version of it on apps with built in wireguard. Shoud work with pia i beleve if im not mistaken Sent fra min SM-G965F via Tapatalk
  10. clearing browser cache normaly fixes it for me or open handbrake in incognito mode on my browser Sent fra min SM-G965F via Tapatalk
  11. pia: Sweden server is down i could enter deluge but no trafic Switzerland works for now atleast