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  1. just put shareCacheFloor="1GB" in \config\share.cfg & diskShareFloor="1GB" for each & every cache pool ( config file content reflects the one of the WebUI while clicking on the first disk in the pool) => FCP stills shows the warning "Cache Disk free space is less than the cache floor setting" => So it seems to be a bug in FCP
  2. ok shareCacheFloor="90GB" seems to be in flash\config\share.cfg but no more available in the UI. So i guess this is a general setting applicable for every & each of my cache pool ? I'd rather have 1 different shareCacheFloor per cache pool if possible. would u recommand me to change it directly in the file? would it survive a reboot?
  3. ok thk u for diag analysis, but i can't access to cache floor settings in "Global Share Settings" since ugrade in 6.9.x from 6.8.3. I've seen "Part of same bug: shareCacheFloor in share.cfg is not used anymore at all. An individual floor setting for a pool can be set by editing the pools/<pool name>.cfg file and specify value for 'diskFloor'. " but i only get diskShareFloor="0" in my \\UNRAID\flash\config\pools\cache.cfg file , no diskFloor=90. I can't even see where this 90GB limit is defined /where i can change it? Should i change/define anything in this config\pools\cache.cfg file? is /will this bug (be) corrected somewhere in the UI?
  4. Hello my FixProblems states Cache Disk free space is less than the cache floor setting, but it is not the case, i have 35% space left on my cache share. (& my 2 other cache pools have 54 % & 74% space left) Any ideas ? config Unraid 6.9.1 Pro attached diagnostic file
  5. i reply to myself in case it can help other users: issue was inisde my syslinux.cfg file , i had just " label Unraid OS menu default kernel /bzimage append intel_iommu=off initrd=/bzroot " i changed last line in " append intel_iommu=on initrd=/bzroot " and it worked like a charm
  6. em... ok so how is it possible that it is stated that IOMMU is disbaled as the VT-d is enabled in BIOS?
  7. Hello I have a Asus P8BWS motherboard with VT-x & VT-d enabled. Bios version is last one from 2019. WS/HelpDesk_BIOS/ CPU is Xeon E3-1245. So everything should be fine in order to pass trough PCIe devices, but IOMMU appears disabled in unraid . Please note that years ago i was able to pass trough devices such as HardDrives to ESXi in RDM mode of vsphere. Is it something not working as expected in Unraid OS version 6.8.3 for IOMMU support? Here enclosed some more info for ur support please any advise welcome
  8. Hello, My \download share is configured with Minimum free space of 40Go and Cache Settings has min free space set at 10Go. \download is made of [ SSD disk pool cache of 1.25 To + 1 physical drive of 2To in the array] Refering to cache settings min free space definition "This represents a "floor" of the amount of free space remaining on the cache disk. If the free space becomes less than this value, then new files written to user shares with cache enabled will go to the array and not the cache disk" i thought that it is not possible that any file whatever is size can be downloaded onto cache pool when the free space becomes less than 10Go. I'm right or not? i'm downloading through sonarr/radarr/couchpotato/headphones
  9. Hello, - got "**** /var/log is getting full (currently 93 % used) **** **** Unable to write to cache **** **** Unable to write to Docker Image **** **** Cache Disk free space is less than the cache floor setting **** " - unable to start docker My understanding is that i don't have any left space on my cache drive, but normally no new downloads should occur on it, but on the array (download share in "prefer" mode) attached is my diagnostics
  10. hello I don't understand why i have daily error msg related to out of memory errors. SOmetimes, system seems to kill "mono" process, and sometimes "plex". I can also see "rmdir error directory isnot empty" can someone explain please?
  11. hello there, since a few days i have every day OOM errors in my logs and fixcommon script Any help targeting what's the issue ? thk u
  12. hello squid you're right it seems i forgot to disable my user script weekly backup targeting a no more existing device. thk u so much,
  13. hello i have those 2 errors following schedulded excecution of fix common problems script: **** Rootfs file is getting full (currently 100 % used) **** **** Out Of Memory errors detected on your server **** I have attached here corresponding syslog file before reboot 110108192018-syslog-pegounet.txt and executed diagnostic after reboot thk u in advance for ur support
  14. thk u guys i have changed sata cable and provided partiy check works like a charm