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  1. Same problem as other people in this thread. exit code 52 on PIA's Swiss server. It looks like I'm getting disconnects every 16 hours or so. After a few restarts of the container, the connection finally sticks.
  2. Going on 4 years with with Unraid personally. It sparked my interest virtualization, docker, and Linux in general. I don’t usually care for badges but my Norco would wear this loud and proud.
  3. Same issue with pascal. Turing cleans up the image a lot. I’ve tested this on an Ubuntu server with a 2080. We have to wait the drivers and it means a hardware purchase for most unfortunately.
  4. same problem here. after update, rc4-md5 openssl speed errors .... sslv3 alert handshake failure
  5. Run the decoder patch posted a few pages back. If done correctly, you should be seeing close to 1gb of usage per stream on Nvidia-smi.
  6. What type of files are you using for testing and what CPU? From my testing, some cpu spiking is normal. If you're converting the audio, especially down mixing (I think that is the correct term) from a TRUEHD 7.1 or a DTS file down to a stereo mix, it can put some load on the cpu. On 2 Atmos TrueHD 7.1 & DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1--> stereo transcodes on a i7 - 4770 i was getting about 25% usage with encode and decode both on. Cpu is handling that aspect.
  7. I've been doing a lot of testing with the 1050ti and rtx 2080's in the past few days. In regards to decoding on linux, the video quality on 4k content is very poor with pascal. The new turing architecture uses much better decoder on the chip and for another 80 bucks, its worth it for me to upgrade to an 1660. Also more vram
  8. Yeah I’m patiently waiting. The return period on my 1050 ti is up today so it’s going back. Just getting prepped at this point.
  9. Awesome and thanks for testing! This is killer. I’m picking up a 1660 ti today to see if I can fix my poor decode quality and with this, now I’m super excited.
  10. I’m going to give it a shot to today/tonight. I’ll report back if it works.
  11. I'm baffled to be honest. I'm not sure how this even happened. I had a few different ssh sessions open the night before the system went down. I may have inadvertently sent a shell command in the wrong window.... Here's what I've found. -Ran memtest 10 passes - 0 errors -Booted the machine into a windows install - fine -set bios as per troubleshooting wiki - still booting to the above screenshot GUI Out of frustration, I finally pulled the drives and booted in. It loaded properly but with the drives reporting as missing (GOOD). i was able to set the key and but it would only boot to the normal GUI was if one particular drive was kept out. I swapped that drive to a new bay to check if it was a backplane issue but encountered similar results. When running diagnostics, nothing was being written to the flash drive. I hooked up the odd drive to an external enclosure and found an unraid install disk...with my diagnostics that I was just running. Somehow, i managed to clone the usb boot partition to one of my array disks while the array was So what should I do next? My idea was to format the "odd" disk and boot the array degraded and rebuild it from the parity disk. The data on the disk at this point is trashed. Any thoughts?
  12. Alright for the last few hours, I've been trying different things here and there. The biggest problem is the GUI will not load at all (with a monitor & KB plugged into the server with GUI mode running & the web GUI) and I kept finding corrupt config files on the flash drive. So i loaded a fresh install of Unraid, followed the instructions list on the wiki to transfer the few non corrupt settings i wanted to get the array back up and I'm getting whatever the hell THIS is every time I boot off this machine lol I booted two more flash drives, on different ports on this server with the same results. I can boot from either of these flash drives off 2 other machines, so I know the drives are good. I'm back to running an extended memtest. Something has to be wrong on the hardware? No bios changes were touched.
  13. yeah no GUI is available, so i'll give that command a shot in a few. thanks I'll report back with results.
  14. I will check on this after memtest at least finishes it's first pass. at the terminal i can run this? xfs_repair -v /dev/md2 assuming md2 is correct for disk2. I'll check this..