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  1. So - I managed to get it to login without prompting anything or asking for passwords (removed PASSWORD, GUAC_* and set DISABLE_AUTH TRUE) - However, it still needs to be launched once before the content server fires up. Has anyone worked around this?
  2. Gotcha - I get it now Thanks for clearing that up both
  3. Oh right, thank you I just checked, and the Downloads folder only contains a 3kb file. Is it reserving space somehow? Just trying to understand Thanks again
  4. Hi all I am having an irritating issue that I can't seem to resolve. The worst thing is that I swear I read a solution to this once before on here...but my search-fu is clearly failing me. Basically, I have multiple SMB Shares connected in Windows and one of them is showing a different free space to all of the others. I have noticed it happen from time to time when something is on the Cache but not moved yet...Normally the mover fixes it. I have manually run the mover, multiple times, and re-calculated on Unraid - I even disconnected and reco
  5. That doesn't seem to work for me - I still have to login as ABC when it restarts for it to load. Would you be able to post your container config?
  6. Hi all I am having an irritating issue since the change to the newer Guacamole. Everything is working, but each time the docker restarts, Calibre (and therefore the content server) isn't running until I have logged in once. With the previous Guacamole, the content server would start instantly and be permanently available. Is there any way to get the old behaviour back? As I said, it's by no means catastrophic...but forgetting to log in and then trying to download a book to my phone when I am not at home is annoying to say the least lol. Cheers
  7. I think you have the same issue as me - File size limit. The creator has said they have it fixed for an upcoming version, so I am waiting for an update to drop on Unraid for it I did ask earlier, if there was a way to increase the max file size limit inside the docker, but I don't think anyone knew how - So we just have to wait for the update.
  8. Sorry for the bump...feel free to delete - But would anyone know?
  9. With the new version, I am now able to import from Chowdown but, due to file size limits, I am getting time-outs and only getting part way through the import. On the project page, people have been changing the client_max_body_size setting for nginx, but I can't see where I could make this change for the Unraid container. Would you know how I could increase this limit? Cheers
  10. Hi I update from the Docker Container page regularly - I haven't seen any update for this one since the project updated though. Or am I missing something? I goto MYNAS/Docker and hit the Check for Updates button and then update whatever has one waiting... Mine is saying it is the latest version, but I know the project updated last week as my request was closed as complete. Apologies if I am just being dense...
  11. Hi there Firstly, thank you for creating this There was an update to the project that I would really like to apply (Chowdown imports), is there a way I can force an update from within the Unraid docker or should I just wait for an update to drop? Many thanks
  12. Thanks for the tips - The transmission-home folder definitely contains the settings and some other stuff, so the /config mount is definitely not being used. I'll get rid of the port
  13. Welp...that was easy Thank you. I have never changed it since install...so not sure why it worked for so long - but thanks
  14. Hi there My run command: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='Transmission_VPN' --net='bridge' --privileged=true -e TZ="Europe/Berlin" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'OPENVPN_USERNAME'='XXX' -e 'OPENVPN_PASSWORD'='XXX' -e 'OPENVPN_CONFIG'='default' -e 'OPENVPN_PROVIDER'='PIA' -e 'LOCAL_NETWORK'='' -e 'TRANSMISSION_RPC_USERNAME'='admin' -e 'TRANSMISSION_RPC_PASSWORD'='XXX' -e 'OPENVPN_OPTS'='--inactive 3600 --ping 10 --ping-exit 60' -e 'PUID'='99' -e 'PGID'='100' -e 'TRANSMISSION_DOWNLOAD_DIR'='/downloads/Transmiss
  15. Hi there - Firstly, thank you for the great docker - It is very much appreciated I am having an issue with Transmission VPN that seems to have started recently (I don't remember exactly when), but the TRANSMISSION_SPEED_LIMIT_UP_ENABLED option within the docker config is no longer doing anything for me. Each time I restart the docker I have to go into it, launch settings and tick the option to enable the speed limit. Is there a way I can force this option to be set each time the docker starts? Thanks