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  1. Hi everyone, Looked through quite a few pages and could not find a reference to this, I do not want to run the docker as host or bridge, I want to run it with its own IP address, however when I try to login to the admin GUI I get the following error: Sorry, a session error has occurred It is possible that your session has expired or your login credentials do not allow access to this resource. See error text below for further details: SESSION ERROR: SESSION: Your session has expired, please reauthenticate (9007) Retry Login Any pointers appreci
  2. Hi everyone, quick question: Is there a way to auto reconnect when the connection drops? Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I keep getting this message on my Android devices: - Old Fire TV - FireTV Stick 4k - Brand New FireTV Stick 4k - Samsung Galaxy S10+ - Samsung Tab S4 On the Tab S4 if i play the same item via the web browser it plays just fine, but using the app I get the above error! Any idead how to resolve this issue? Seems to have started recently. Many thanks
  4. Most of the time it works without me changing anything, for example this morning its working again. So it's very strange behavior!
  5. Hi guys, Just having a slight issue with this, on occasion from the logs it looks like it tries to open the IPTV Channel without the the authentication and fails to play the stream as it's unauthorised, as the the log: 2020-01-12 22:45:03 [xTeVe] [ERROR] Unauthorized (This error message comes from the provider) - EC: 4004 Is there a way to correct this? Thanks
  6. Hi guys, Was adding some new content to my TV Series yesterday and one show seems to have got stuck since I can’t even delete it from Plex, when I try to remove the item it gives me the error “There was a problem deleting this item.”. I did remove it from the hard drive but still there and scan fails. Looking at the console I can see the following errors repeating: SQLITE3:(nil), 11, database corruption at line 65066 of [bf8c1b2b7a] Thread: Uncaught exception running async task which was spawned by thread 0x14ddac521700: sqlite3_statement_backend::loa
  7. Hi guys, Looks like a recent upgrade removed my plugins, trying to install them fails via the gui, they are build for python 2.6 or 2.7, is there a reason why I can't install them again? I have tried about 4-5 different browers and none install the egg files any more. Many thanks
  8. Many thanks, that seems to work, I did try that before and it looks like it doesnt work because when you click on the WebGUI link it still sends you to hence although it was working it looks like it doesnt work :( Many thanks for confirming this, I have migrated the database from the previous docker to this one and it just carried on working, no need to rescan everything :) awesome
  9. Many thanks, I did find another ubooquity docker that runs it as root and not on a subdirectory, just would prefer to use this version rather than a version that is not on the default unraid community apps. This is not an option on the GUI, seems to be the way the software has been configured to run.
  10. Hi everyone, Is there a way to remove the /ubooquity/ and run it as root? Cheers
  11. I have exactly the same issue with Firefox and can't figure it out, it was working a couple of days ago. I tried it on Edge and works for me too! Very strange!
  12. I can confirm that resolved the issues, many thanks
  13. Many thanks for guiding in the right direction, indeed I do not have a cache drive and it was trying to save by default to cache rather than users should have spotted that, I am still new to this. Many thanks Now off to crawl for answers on why ">_ Terminal" menu no longer works and reports 502 Bad Gateway
  14. Hi everyone, every time I reboot the unraid server I loose all my camera settings, any idea why this is happening? thanks