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  1. Hi there I'm using a lot of h265 encoded video with Plex but, Plex butchers the sync and playback. I've come across the two posts below but can't find the file to amend. Am I correct in thinking that this needs to be done when creating the container? Any chance it could be implemented here? Plex forums 1 Plex forums 2 Sorry for the basic questions, I'm super new to unraid, docker etc.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm REALLY new to unraid and need your help. I've migrated my plex install from a Synology NAS but, I can't get plex to use the transcode folder on the unassigned SSD shared as "Transcode". In the plex app I've added TRANSCODE to the Transcoder temporary directory. Is someone able to point out where I've gone wrong, please? Thanks in advance.
  3. Do you know if the RTX 2060 is supported? It’s not listed in designworks.