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  1. Yes, I know you have to enable it. Like I said I did have it enabled before, but after I disabled ipv6 on my router temporarily Unraid seemingly decided to disable it on its end for me breaking all sorts of stuff. I have it re-enabled, but I am wondering why it was disabled by Unraid or if something else happened to make it get disabled. The diagnostics don't provide any relevant information except ifconfig which shows ipv6 working fine right now, not how it was last night when this occurred.
  2. Earlier today I was helping a friend debug ipv6. In an attempt to recreate his issue I disabled ipv6 on my router, checked some stuff, and then re-enabled it with identical settings. All's good. Every other computer on my network didn't flinch with the changes (including other linux and linux-based devices), but ipv6 stopped working entirely in Unraid 6.9.1. I haven't updated to the very latest yet but will this weekend; the changelogs for 6.9.2 doesn't show anything relevant about this. I restarted a couple of times. I then dug around, and in Network Settings I found that ipv6 was disabled on
  3. My difficulties here with rpcbind logs are due to three computers mounting nfs shares. Looked around after getting crickets from Unraid on this, and a solution that works for me is to make the timeout on automounts on the three computers to something larger than 10 minutes. automount -t 3600 This will cause it to unmount non-busy mounts every hour instead of 10 minutes. I don't know if there is a way to set up a different timeout per mount (if someone knows please reply), but this works for my purposes and might for others here.
  4. I am getting tons of these messages due to a computer mounting nfs shares, causing it to fill up my syslog ~24 hours.
  5. Hey. Could you provide some information on how you set this up? Do you disable NFS sharing on Unraid and instead have it be done via the container?
  6. Ugh. What a stupid mistake on my part, and I was thinking before I did it that I would need to use my other email address. A friend serves as a relay (and I for him), but he's not where he can access it either. Perfect timing. I need it back up and running today if at all possible, so I guess I'll purchase a key using another USB stick, too. Been wanting to make a second, smaller box , so I guess I'll be buying that key early. When I get the other key in I can use that, too. Again, thanks for all your help here.
  7. Thanks. The USB stick was toast. Couldn't get any of my other computers to recognize it. I put the new one in, copied my configuration over, told it to replace the key, and... put in the email address I serve from the unraid box that is currently down, realizing that the second after I clicked send. Can I put yet another USB stick into the machine and transfer again to my email address not served on the unraid box?
  8. Thanks for your help. I'll try running chkdsk on it when I go get the replacement USB sticks tomorrow. Not shutting it down until then haha.
  9. Thanks. I only seem to have a backup of /boot/config and not all of /boot. Is that okay?
  10. Today I tried to open up my Unraid dashboard and noticed I was getting a 502 error, so I ssh'd into the server. Nginx was complaining about a cert, and when I tried to look at the cert I got an Input/output error. Looking at it closer I notice my /boot folder appears empty. So, I guess I need to replace the USB stick. I can still ssh into the machine. I do have a backup of the contents of my config folder that's done frequently. I have not shut it down yet. Can I use the USB creator to make a new USB stick, copy my config folder over, and boot off it? I know I'll need to replace the license ke
  11. Khadgar


    I am having the same issue as @BigChris. I enabled nfsv4, but if I try to mount as nfsv4 I get the same error saying the protocol isn't supported.
  12. I also wanted to chime in with my experiences preclearing two drives over the weekend. I tried preclearing them 4 times and Unraid still insisted on clearing them when I assigned them to the array. I first tried what @Cull2ArcaHeresy did with the last preclear by skipping post read, but that didn't work for me. I rebooted, and that did not work either. After a lot of trial and error I got Unraid to accept the drives only by disconnecting the drives, going through a power up and down cycle, reconnecting the drives, and starting it back up one last time. So, if anyone else is having trouble mayb